There is nothing more pleasant for a retired couple than to live in the lap of nature while surrounded by ever-changing sights and sounds. It takes you away from your busy life and gives you tranquility that only nature can deliver! Forty-One Oaks is one such lovely contemporary residence that was built for a retired coupled and sits on a lush green lot in Portola Valley, United States. The gorgeous house sits on a an elevated platform and offers wonderful views of the scenic oak trees around it; even as a guest house, outdoor Zen garden and tennis court are separated by a few of the forty-one oak that are nestled on the site.

An elevated platform creates the perfect base for a home surrounded by Oak trees and woods

Designed by Field Architecture, a metal and wood frame anchors the home with glass walls and sliding glass doors connecting the interior with the woods outside. Concrete walls and the entrance and in the kitchen offer more textural contrast while different wildlife species passing through the lot are left undisturbed even as the homeowners enjoy life inside its peaceful confines. A neutral color scheme and passive solar-heating fashion a pleasant and charming living area with the bedrooms neatly tucked away in the rear. Smart, eco-sensitive and serene, this cozily lit family residence has it all! [Photography: Steve Goldband, John Merkl]

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Modern entry in white and wood
Sliding glass doors and windows connect the bedroom with the landscape
Spacious double-height dining area with a view of the woods outside
White interior of the contemporary home with metal and glass frame
Majestic view of the woodsy landscape outside from the living room
Single-wall kitchen idea with a concrete wall
Marble and stone contemporary bathroom

Field Architecture puts landscape at the core of their work, expanding on the narrow idea of “site” (the earth between four plot markers) into a profoundly holistic reading of place. They see the landscape as the domain of nature, looking beyond land and plotlines to see the mountain lions, jack rabbits, rocks, and trees already at home there. Part of that involves a careful observation of the patterns of the sun and micro-climate of Portola Valley to maximize thermal management

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Forty One Oaks by Portola Valley, United States
Pavilion style living encourages connectivity with nature
Sweeping and spacious blocks create a relaxing home for retired couple
Forty one oak trees sit on the lot in Portola Valley

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