Life inside a luxurious yacht or cruiser can be amazing indeed and for the privileged few who have enjoyed it, the desire to be back on waves again is ever-present. Bringing the lavish lifestyle on waves to a contemporary apartment in Taipei, Taiwan is Ahead Concept Design and they transformed a normal apartment into one that oozes sophistication that feels curated and unique. The interior of this exclusive home is anything but mundane with lighting creating an ambiance that is dark, dashing and perfect for those who love the appeal of a Gentleman’s Club! But it is the details that truly give this apartment a personality of its own!

Turquoise, wood and marble clad interior of the apartment

Once you step in you will instantly see sweeping wooden arches leading way from one room to another. That is not the only exceptional feature though as turquoise walls and cabinets create a world that is both colorful and contemplative. Polished marble tables and kitchen counters come in next while dark, wooden flooring with herringbone pattern provides the perfect backdrop for this urbane setting. It feels like you are leaving the city behind and stepping into an entirely different world; one that is inspired by lavish life on the high seas.

Contemporary apartment in Taipei inspired by interiors of a boat
Contemporary bedroom with concrete and wood walls
Glamorous dining room with turquoise, wooden elements and beautiful lighting
Marble dining table with turquoise chairs

In the bedroom, turquoise gives way to a more neutral background and it is once again wood that holds sway. An archway leads to the mirrored closet and the modest bathroom which embraces the color palette and theme of the rest of the apartment. Every little detail inside this home is carefully chosen and put in place – luxurious minimalism meets the spirit of the ocean in here! [Photography: Hey!Cheese Photography]

Marble fireplace inside the living room
Smart wooden archways link one room with the next
Tufted headboard and wooden walls for the modern bedroom
Wooden archways throughout the apartment give it the appeal of a boat-styled interior
Wooden walls and archways inside the apartment give it a beautiful. cozy appeal
Concrete walls and wooden walls sit comfortably next to one another in the bedroom

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