When some people think of canopy beds, they envision pampered little girls’ rooms or the outdated, stuffy beds of wealthy royalty. These are not unreasonable images to conjure up; after all, that used to be the standard for this particular bed design. Additionally, the beauty of the intricate carvings in many of these beds was a marker of wealth. However, that is no longer the case.

Canopy beds are making a comeback, and it’s not hard to see why they are quickly becoming a popular staple in contemporary decorating. These beds are beautiful, elegant, and surprisingly affordable. Without further ado, here are a few canopy beds that can turn the most ordinary bedroom into a fantasy wonderland.

This first canopy bed is pretty traditional. It boasts all the staples: curtains, the dream-like quality, and a bedroom to match. It’s a beautiful bed, and the room is fit for a princess.

From The Spruce

The next canopy bed is a little more contemporary. It’s worth noting that there is no need for a gigantic bedroom to accommodate it. Most people do not have the spacious bedrooms that we envision when we think of canopy beds. The average home or apartment simply does not have a bedroom the size of a small hotel suite, and therefore modern canopy beds are typically constructed to fit into smaller spaces. This canopy bed is stylish, modern, and will fit into the average bedroom.

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Here is a canopy bed that blends old world, classic Gothic architecture with modern interior design. The bed has an ornate iron frame, with elaborate carvings on the posts as well as the vaulted canopy itself. The Gothic mirrored candle sconces and rich, stark iron decor complete the look, but the main attraction is, of course, this beautiful wrought iron canopy bed.

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If something a bit more contemporary and traditionally modern is more your speed, this next canopy bed should be right up your alley. Again, adding a canopy bed to your bedroom decor does not have to mean your room looks like a blast from the past if that is not to your personal liking. This canopy bed offers a fresh look to any modern home, and its neutral coloring means that it can be paired with almost any furniture. Its modern beauty and appeal is rivaled only by its versatility.

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If you thought the canopy bed is something just for women, think again. This next canopy bed has a distinctly masculine feel and is stylish and modern to boot. The deep mahogany pairs well with versatile wood furniture to compliment and its stark vibe creates a very contemporary feel that is versatile. No matter who wants to use this canopy bed can easily create a bedroom with their own style.

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The canopy bed is a classic choice for children — and, yes, it is great for children who share a bedroom. The canopy bed can be made in a twin size, so it will fit into the average children’s bedroom. Children love to have a magical space of their own. This next canopy bed is fit for two little princesses, with identical versions fitting into their shared bedroom. If your children fall in love with this set-up as kids, there is nothing to say that a modified version cannot continue to suit their needs as they get older. The furniture can grow with them from childhood and into adolescence.

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While we are on the subject of children’s bedrooms, if you have older children with larger bedrooms, this next canopy bed is pretty much perfect. The ornate carved wrought iron frame gives it a modern, mature style and feel, and both beds would fit comfortably into any room. As in the accompanying photo, any room with a balcony or terrace would be a great environment for this dramatic, but modern canopy bed. This look is mature and airy, and likely to appeal to any adolescents looking to update their shared bedroom as they mature.

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This next canopy bed goes back to the old world classic, princess-style dream bedroom. The ornate wrought iron headboard and flowy, soft bedding and accessories are definitely ready for royalty — or for anyone who just wants to feel like royalty. The bed is the pride of the room, and is completed by the plush footstool and soft, feminine pink decor. Muted lighting completes the perfect atmosphere.

From Wayfair

Combining the elegance of the canopy bed with rustic decor can create a very unique look, and that is just what this next canopy bed does. The room’s unfinished wood decor creates a rough-around-the-edges- look, and the white-draped canopy bed sits in sharp contrast. Shiny black accessories complete the look. It is the perfect blend of country rustic and contemporary, modern design.

From Don Pedro Interior Design

If minimalism is your style, this wrought iron, modern canopy bed just might be what the decorating doctor ordered. The bed would go well with many styles of complementing furniture. The lighter colored rug, curtains, and bedding offset the dark furniture, making for a sleek, contemporary look.

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This next canopy bed is perhaps the most romantic on the list. It hails from a remote Italian vacation spot, and the room boasts two beautifully curtained canopy beds. The light streaming through the window is bright and natural, and the decor is simple and minimalist, but classically old-world European. There could not possibly be a more perfect vacation spot to house a beautiful canopy bed.

From Casa Bramasole

Light, airy, rustic, modern — this next canopy bed and its accompanying set-up has it all. The finished wooden vaulted ceilings, the low bed that practically rests directly on the floor, the open, airy space complete with a terrace — this is perfection all in one room. It combines rustic with fresh, modern with traditional. There’s truly something for everyone here.

From Interior Design

This next canopy bed is stunningly elegant. Its simple black wrought iron frame is complemented by sheer white curtains while delicate, tiny chandelier lights hang suspended above the bed. The bedding is white, as is the room, giving it a stark color scheme. The hardwood floor adds just the right amount of rustic appeal.

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Here is yet another canopy bed that serves as the highlight of a room with vaulted ceilings. While the bed itself has a minimalist feel, the wicker ceiling above, along with the plush, colorful surroundings, adds an undeniable air of luxury. Perfect for a large, airy space that functions as more than just a bedroom, this canopy bed is just right for the contemporary design enthusiast who still likes a bit of old-world luxury.

From Cheval Blanc

Last, but not least, comes the canopy bed that some people might say is a bit much, but is perfect for the right person. This canopy bed is adorned with striking blue bedding, and it has a mirrored glass canopy and posts. The elegance of the bed is complemented by a matching plush blue princess day couch, with an elaborately adorned white and silver lamp. There is even a matching princess chaise nestled at the foot of the bed. This elaborate arrangement is a stunning example of the eclectic touch a canopy bed can bring to a room.

From The Spruce

Canopy beds are a beautiful way to adorn any bedroom. They are no longer just for little girls or princess movies. The canopy bed can be stylish and modern, luxurious or minimalist, and anything in between. There is truly something for everyone.

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