When you objectively look at things, it does feel a little strange that we have pretty much typecast colors and tend to associate a feminine or masculine vibe with them almost instantly. While blue is the preferred color in most boys’ rooms, pink is the unchallenged winner in girls’ bedrooms. But beyond these specific areas, blue still finds plenty of love in the kitchen, living space and other areas of the house. In fact, blue is a perennial popular color in every room that you can think of and constantly sits at the top end of color trends chart. Pink on the other hand is just not as lucky!

Finding the right decor for pink and yellow dining space with contemporary theme [From: Target Home]

Many of us are not too fond of using pink in public areas and tend to relegate the color to just niche spaces. But pink when used in the right manner can be just as impressive in the kitchen as it is in the shabby chic bedroom! Today, we go beyond traditional boundaries and take a look at some of the most gorgeous dining rooms that are draped in pink. Pink dining rooms come in a variety of styles and from the opulent to the minimal, this diverse collection has something in it for everyone. If you are worried about embracing pink, this is a story you just do not want to miss –

Bringing Pink to Dining Rooms

The easiest and most obvious way to give your dining room a colorful makeover is by re-painting the walls. This one might sound like a hassle, but painting the walls is arguably the least expensive way of altering the color scheme of a room when you compare it with the impact created. You can start off small by choosing an accent wall in the dining space and painting it pink. For those worried about a strong pink presence, pastel pink shades are the best option. Once you are happy with the result and wish to expand further, painting rest of the dining room pink is all too easy. White trims coupled with pink walls feel classy while combing pops of black with pink gives the room a sophisticated, modern vibe.

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Classic pink and white dining room with white window frames and ample natural light [From: Designed to Sell Staging]
Iconic Platner Chairs bring contrast to the fab dining room in pink and black [From: Knoll]
Banquette style dining room with sofa-styled seating on one side and acrylic chairs on the other along with accent pink wall [From: Royal Interior Design]

A Smart Infusion of Color

Of course, not everyone is happy with a solution that is as simple and straightforward as painting the walls pink. This is where alternate options come to your rescue. Adding pink accents, chairs in pink or even a plush rug in fuchsia can give the room a pinkish vibe without going overboard. With accents and chairs you have the comfort of knowing that you can switch between colors at any time without having to worry about a major style revamp. Another fun and less-utilized option is the pink ceiling, which is equally dramatic and gives the dining space in open plan living an aura of its own.

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It is ceiling that ushers pink into the unique dining room that also features Breast Cancer Awareness Chairs [From: Frank Pitman Designs]
Tiles and chairs usher pink into this open plan dining area connected with the living space
Classy way to add pink to the glam contemporary dining room
Exquisite pink chairs with modern vibe add color to the neutral dining rooms [From: Zanders Interiors]

Finding the Right Styles

It goes without saying that styles like eclectic, shabby chic and modern fit in perfectly with a dining space that embraces pink. But you can go down a different path this season with pink dining rooms in Mediterranean style or those with a modern-farmhouse look. These exquisite dining areas feel far more vibrant, cozy and with décor in wood, gorgeous lighting a hint of timeless charm, they are bound to serve you well for years to come. If you love a splash of pink, then 2020 is the perfect time to bring it out of your wardrobe and bedroom and give it a more mainstay presence in the living space, kitchen or dining room.

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Spacious dining room inside the church converted into modern home embraces pastel pink beautifully [From: Country Architecture]
Wallpaper, drapes and chairs brig pink panache to the fabulous dining room [From: Katie Rosenfeld Design]
Pink wallpaper covers the walls of this eclectic modern dining room with wooden ceiling [From: Pacific Blue Construction]

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