Love color? So do we; and life just feels that much better and far more vibrant when you add a bit of color to things. Of course, that does not mean every room in your home needs to be a color-filled eclectic masterpiece that is eye-catching! In modern homes, bathrooms are increasingly moving towards a neutral color palette that is inspired by spa-styled luxury. This of course means there is a whole lot of white in there. In fact, there are many occasions when the monochromatic white bathroom seems to be more popular every season, each year rather than those that are filled with bright colors. But what about colors you can pair with white in the modern bathroom?

Refined and elegant contemporary bathroom of London home in gray and white oozes luxury [From: Decoroom Ltd]

Almost every color in the world can be combined with white without much of an effort. Yet, there are few colors that are more popular than other and are set to make an impact this year. They move away from the more charismatic reds and greens this year and you can color schemes that are understated, classy and even unexpected at times. And yes, we have a surprise in store for you that veers slightly away from color-filled allure. Step in and discover the hottest colors that can be combined with white in the bathroom right now –

Gray and White in the Bathroom

This might seem like a combination that is on the paler side of thing, but you will be surprised at the sheer magnetism of a room filled in white and gray. Since you are already using white extensively in the bathroom, combing it with a darker, warmer shade of gray is the best option. You can even try out shades of beige and gray combine like Greige for a bathroom that is different and dashing. This color combination looks good in modern, contemporary, minimal and farmhouse style bathroom. At times, it can work even in rustic and coastal style spaces. But gray and white is a color duo that is distinctly urbane.

Captivating spa-styled bathroom in white and gray with walls draped in flowery pattern [From: Scott Simpson Design + Build]
Gray and white bathroom can transition into a black and white bathroom with ease [From: Beth McDougall Photography]
Modern eclectic bathroom in gray with stone floor and freestanding bathtub in white [From: Tatiana Pirogkova]
Urbane and dashing dark gray and white bathroom with wooden vanity that feels special thanks to the lighting [From: Andrei Belimov-Gushchin]
Bathtub in dark gray steals the show in this fabulous gray and white bathroom [From: Nest Design Co.]

Explore the Many Shades of Blue

We know how many might feel that a blue and white bathroom is all too common. But there is a good reason why the classics are dubbed so – they work every single time and are easy to embrace. The blue and white bathroom feels fresh, relaxing and you can explore the many millions of blues and those even mixed with greens for a bathroom that is just energizing. It goes unsaid that beach and coastal styles come naturally to these spaces. But the versatility of blue and neutrality of white ensure that this color blend is incredibly adaptable cutting across styles.

Finding a balance between blue and white in the modern bathroom with spacious design [From: Becky Fuller Homes]
Modern bathroom in white with blue vanity and a mirror that features golden frame [From: asdesign]
Walls add blue to the bathroom without going over the top [From: Bay Area Contracting]
Brass accents add metallic sparkle to the slightly eclectic bathroom in blue and white [From: Domus Nova]
Drapes in blue add color to this bathroom in white with a modern minimal look [From: Beth Haley Design]

Usher in a Different Texture

As we alluded to earlier, we are going to move just a bit off of the beaten path today and give you a way to add color to the white bathroom without actually doing so. Brick walls, concrete ceilings and wooden accent features and vanities are all a trendy way to usher in that something different without actually relying on jut color. They still bring a different color to the bathroom and do so along with visual and textural contrast. From the grays of concrete to the warm yellows of wood and the orangey-red of exposed brick walls, there is no shortage of intrigue and uniqueness in here.

Modern industrial bathroom with brick wall and wooden vanity along with bathtub in white
Re-purposed horse trough and antique fixtures make the biggest impact in this white bathroom
Rustic bathroom in white and wood feels cozy and inviting [From: Wellborn + Wright]
Brick, gray and white combined beautifully in the small modern bathroom
Concrete accent wall for the bathroom in white with a wooden vanity [From: Bone and Blanc Interiors]

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