Time flies by when you are in Milan this time of the year. The many design inspirations and trendsetting décor from Salone del Mobile is never-ending indeed. It is a struggle at times to pick and choose things to highlight from this year’s show; it is simply an overwhelming experience. After a long and amazing first day at EuroCucina 2018, day 2 brings along with it a few more kitchens and then we move on to living room décor that promise luxury and functionality. It is another collection of impressive pictures from iSaloni that will leave you mesmerized!

Wood makes a grand statement inside the eco-friendly kitchens from TEAM 7

Space-Savvy and Sophisticated Kitchens

We have seen plenty of kitchens yesterday and shared with you some of the best at this year’s EuroCucina, but we still could not get round to them all. It was only natural that day 2 started with the rest of the trendsetting kitchens at Milan 2018. ELAM Kitchen Systems, Ernestomeda combine contemporary kitchen design with open plan lving in a fluid fashion.

Geometric kitchen island design steals the show at iSaloni
Slim and stylish modern kitchens from ELAM Kitchen Systems
Space-savvy kitchen islands from Ernestomeda Kitchens at iSaloni
Concepts combining the kitchen with the living space seamlessly

New-age kitchens from Molteni&C Dada

Molteni&C Dada always charm us with amazing decor inspiration that feels out-of-this-world. This year is no different as their latest kitchens on display quickly grab your attention and give you plenty to explore.

Contemporary kitchens from Molteni&C Dada at iSaloni
New-age kitchens from Molteni&C Dada at Salone del Mobile 2018
Top quality Italian furniture and kitchen designs from Molteni&C Dada

Eco-Friendly and Woodsy Charm

TEAM7 and wood is a combination that we are already well aware of. Giving contemporary kitchens an eco-friendly twist, these smart compositions are a green delight.

Dining space idea from TEAM 7 at Salone del Mobile 2018
Eco-friendly and modern kitchens at iSaloni from TEAM 7

Dazzle of Curved Glass

Moving away from the mundane, the FIAM stall at iSaloni showcases the beauty of curved glass and combines it with the functionality of modern home decor. This is luxury with plenty of glint!

Glass becomes the center of attention at the FIAM stall at iSaloni
Luxury Italian furniture in curved glass from FIAM
Discover the world of curved glass at its brilliant best from FIAM

Delve into Luxurious Living Rooms

From Flou to velvet radiance of MARELLI, we now showcase the best of living room decor from this year’s Milan extravaganza. This is only the beginning though; there is plenty to come in the days ahead.

Plush couch in beige for the living room
Wall-mounted adaptable living room units for the entertainment center
Flou at Salone del Mobile 2018
Modular and contemporary living room decor from Flou
Sofas draped in velvet from MARELLI
Chairs and sofas in velvet – MARELLI at Salone del Mobile2018
Luxury living furniture for world-class interiors from MARELLI
Walter Knoll at Salone del Mobile 2018
Luxurious living room decor from Walter Knoll
Pink meets polished panache with luxurious seating from Bonaldo

More of the Best from Milan –

Be it living room and bedroom compositions from Walter Knoll full of opulence or masterful Italian design from MisuraEmme, you will find ample inspiration here for those searching for fresh living room and bedroom ideas.

Modern and comfortable bedroom furniture from Walter Knoll
Metallics bring dazzle to the decor from REFLEX
Sophisticated home office decor with a dash of glitz from REFLEX
Marble surfaces bring urbane class to your home – REFLEX at iSaloni
Polished walk-in closet design from Poliform
Beautifully illuminated modern bookshelf
Elliptical coffee tables are a hit in the modern living room
Mixing dark wood tones with light decor pieces
Slim wall-mounted units coupled with LED strip lighting for the living room entertainment wall
Authentic Italian decor at its contemporary best from MisuraEmme
Bringing three generations of craftsmanship – MisuraEmme at Salone del Mobile 2018

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