Oblique Walls Create a Cool Double Height Bookshelf in this Japanese Home

We are all creatures of habit. The world of architecture and design is no different with straight lines, simple cubic volumes and blank ceilings often becoming the norm. But this contemporary home in Japan offers a new idea for the bibliophiles out there. A giant bookshelf that spans an entire, double-height wall is nothing new in itself. But when the wall slopes gently, then the large, oblique bookshelf is undoubtedly bound to become the showstopper of your home. This smart bookshelf design originates from functionality rather than form, making the lives of those inside the Bookshelf House designed by Shinsuke Fujii Architects a whole lot easier.

Unique facade of the Japanese home in black with carport

Looking beyond the bookshelf, the house on the outside is draped completely in black and the oblique wall used for the bookshelf also helps in creating a shield against heavy rainfall by extending the roof outwards. On the inside, minimal Japanese style decoration takes over with warm wooden tones and a space-savvy kitchen and dining at the heart of the lower level with master bedroom on the other side. On the second level one finds the relaxing living area along with the bookshelf in the backdrop.

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Diagonal wall of books stays stable even through earthquakes
Large oblique wall serves as a giant bookshelf in the living area
Second level living area and bookshelf of the Japanese home
Space-savvy kitchen and dining area of the Japanese home
Multi-level interior of the Japanese home

Space is maximized at every turn inside this exquisite Japanese home and a multitude of windows and skylights bring in ample natural light. Breezy, cheerful and perfect for book-lovers, this is a home that instantly and innovatively stands out from the crowd. [Photography: Tsukui Teruaki]

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Diagonal wall design makes it easier to access the upper shelves
Giant bookshelf wall goes beyond the mundane
Oblique walls shield the home from heavy rainfall on the outside
Contemporary Japanese home with a dark exterior and oblique walls
Floor plan of multi-level home in Japan

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