Each new season brings with it fresh new color trends and while you might not want to embrace each and every ‘hot trend’, there are times when a simple change in color scheme helps immensely. Spring and summer are perfect time for quick bathroom makeover as you try and shed the last remaining signs of chilly winter. Spring is a time that celebrates colors of nature in an unabashed fashion and most of these colors look great even during the hotter summer months. With that in mind, here is a look at the top bathroom color trends of the season that promise to stay relevant for the rest of 2018 as well.

Refreshingly green bathroom with a dash of black [From: Breeze Giannasio Interiors]

Modern bathrooms are increasingly going down the route of the spa-inspired settings with luxury, a world of white and relaxing ambiance becoming the most prominent features of these spaces. While white and gray are the most preferred hues, 2018 brings with it two brilliant and refreshing hues that rejuvenate and revamp the mundane contemporary bathroom. You will surely enjoy these bright makeover ideas –

Green and Natural

Botanicals are one of the hottest decorating trends in 2018 and homeowners on both sides of the Atlantic are falling in love with these natural prints. While framed botanical prints or wallpaper that features botanical pattern look great, you can start out in a different fashion by embracing green as the color of the backdrop. You can obviously combine botanical prints with a lush green backdrop to create a tropical themed bathroom with a modern panache. A dash of green in a pristine white bathroom manages to draw you attention instantly while giving you an option to redecorate with ease.

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Simple pops of green shine through in the beach style bathroom in white [From: Picture KC]
Yellow claw-foot bathtub brings vintage vibe to the modern bathroom
Green coupled with trendy framed botanicals in the bathroom [From: Kevin Spearman Design Group]
Ingenious and vintage bathroom with smart use of green and a copper bathtub [From: Luca Leonard]

Refreshingly Yellow

Yellow is a perennially popular color in bathrooms and in a space that is draped predominantly in white, pops of yellow make a big impact visually. You can start by introducing yellow accents in small fashion and then expand by adding a yellow accent wall or even a ceiling painted in yellow. A smart, sunny bathtub in bold yellow set against a smart white background is another showstopper that will uplift the mood inside the bathroom with class and ease.

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Contemporary bathroom in yellow and white with ample natural ventilation [From: Brett Charles Photography]
Modern traditional bathroom in yellow and light gray
Using yellow in the small modern bathroom
Wallpaper brings color and pattern to the modern powder room [From: Upscale Construction / Angus McCaffery Interior Design]
Adding yellow to white gives it a refreshing, modern look
Brilliant use of tile creates a stunning eclectic bathroom in white and yellow [From: Marsh & Parsons]

Hot and Happening: White and Wood

You would think that a combination that is as basic as white and wood would have been around forever. Yet in the world of bathrooms, it is a newfound duo that is getting plenty of love. The spa-inspired bathrooms in white look even better when coupled with vanities and accessories in natural wood. Wood gives these polished and undoubtedly urbane spaces an inherent organic vibe filled with plenty of warmth. It is a combination of contrasts that fashions a soothing and cultured bathroom.

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Even a hint of wood brings warmth to the contemporary minimal bathroom covered in marble [From: Escala Construction]
Evenly lit white bathroom with a wooden vanity and round mirror [From: Stuart Osman Building Designs]
Slim and stylish wood vanity in white bathroom with a pop of blue [From: Wishbone Constructions]
Charming blue floor steals the show in this bathroom [From: Pearl May Photography]

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