Decoist’s journey at Salone del Mobile 2018 continued on to day 3 today and while all the design inspiration from the first two days left us delighted (and a touch tired), we simply could not wait to discover more. Having spent most of the first two days checking out the trendsetting kitchens of 2018 at EuroCucina, we wanted to dedicate day 3 for ‘everything else’!

Colorful Jungla Collection from Sancal

You will find everything ranging from eclectic living room décor to luxurious outdoor furniture, amazing decorating ideas, space-saving bespoke features and a whole lot more. It is time to check out the best of iSaloni for the day through the lens of Alex Ion once again –

Timeless and Trendy

It is hard to miss some of the perennial classics in the décor world and when you are in Milan, then there is no way you can give the Cattelan Italia stand a miss. As always, they charmed us with their new range of fabulous mirrors, shelves, tables, sofas and a whole lot more. Another timeless and popular décor house Roche Bobois also leave you spellbound with their brand new collection. It is all glam!

Roche Bobois at Salone del Mobile 2018 – A showstopper as always!
Exquisite new decor from Roche Bobois at Milan Furniture Fair 2018
Luxurious living room sofa in gray from Roche Bobois
Smart shelving that doubles as a room divider and dining tables from Cattelan Italia
Stunning range of sideboards, mirrors and accessories from Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia at Salone del Mobile 2018
Decor from Cattelan Italia on display at iSaloni

Organizational Ease and Modularity

Having already featured the String system of modular shelving and storage on Decoist, we were pleased to meet it in person at this year’s Milan show. It definitely did not disappoint us and so didn’t space-savvy living room and bedroom solutions from PIANCA and Caccaro. If you are grappling with space issues at your home, then this section should help you immensely!

Dashing bookshelves in blue and black from PIANCA Spa
Smart entertainment unit and shelving for the small living room
Customized and comfortable Italian decor from PIANCA
Smart decor and sideboards from String
String shelf system helps create more organized spaces
Modular shelving system from STRING
Space-savvy contemporary home decor from Caccaro
Bedroom closet that showcases organizational ease

Taking Luxury Outdoors!

Today’s outdoor furniture is as luxurious and aesthetic as decor used indoors and if are looking for further proof then the dashing Lasso Lounge Chair from Kenneth Cobonpue should suffice. This cool chair filled us with images of seaside holidays in the summer and told a story or two of its own. POINT also showcases its best outdoor furniture ideas which combined simplicity with comfort and adaptability.

Lasso Lounge Chair from Kenneth Cobonpue at Salone del Mobile 2018
Outdoor furniture looks as good as its counterparts used indoors!
Slim and stylish modern outdoor decor at Salone del Mobile 2018
Modern and comfortable outdoor furniture from POINT

Radiant, Eclectic and Spectacular!

Different people demand different things from life and at the Milan Furniture Fair, there is something for everyone! If you are bored with the usual and want something eclectic, even eccentric with a hint of imperfection and oddity, then Imperfetto Lab and Pulpo offer just that. They obviously do so with plenty of class and brightness galore! Then there is Riva 1920 who unleashed some of the best, most brilliant wooden tables we have ever seen. This is indeed a visual treat!

Eclectic and innovative design from Imperfetto Lab
Nido chair from imperfetto lab
Bioma fibreglass armchair by Verter Turroni in the foreground
Fun and bold furniture from Pulpo Products
It is lighting that steals the spotlight here!
Fascinating new collections on display from Pulpo Products
Who knew dining table legs could come alive – Spooky!
World-class decor in wood with Italian flair – Riva 1920 at iSaloni
Masterful use of wood to create stunning tables – Riva 1920
Spectacular live edge table from Riva 1920

Discover Your Style at iSaloni!

As always, every Salone del Mobile forces you to revisit your design philosophy. You will be amazed by the new trends. Some will feel like an extension of last year’s hits while others take an entirely different direction. From luxury rugs to Jungle themes and a whole lot more, here is the best of the rest –

Comfy small armchairs frm ARKETIPO Firenze
Exquisite contemporary Italian decor from ARKETIPO Firenze at Milan 2018
Large sectional in gray is perfect for the spacious modern living room
Luxurious armchairs from ARKETIPO Firenze
Jungla Collection is all about color and pattern!
Fresh, innovative and vivacious decor from SANCAL
Contemporary and minimal luxury rugs from Thibault Van Renne

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