There is a certain engineering and artistic brilliance in bringing together different finishes in a seamless manner. Combining bright, orange corrugated metal, cement and redwood with modern industrial panache, the Orange House brought to life by archimania enthralls you at every turn. It is a smart, space-savvy residence in Memphis that also does all it can to reduce construction costs while providing an affordable, easy-to-maintain living space. With the gorgeous orange metal structure cantilevered above the cement-clad lower level stealing the spotlight, this house has a street façade that you just cannot miss.

Orange-clad corrugated metal volume hangs above the lower level

Step inside and you are treated to a world that is wrapped largely in redwood with every floor offering something unique. The presence of dark, metallic finishes ensure that the house stays true to the industrial roots of the neighborhood while large windows and skylights bring in natural light. It is the first floor that houses the living area, kitchen, dining space and a beautiful organic garden while the upper, second level holds the bedrooms, guest spaces, bathrooms and a dedicated study / workzone. With a smart overhang that keeps out harsh sunlight and a breezy ambiance, this family house keeps things cool, cost-effective and uncomplicated. [Photography: Jeffrey Jacobs Photography]

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Redwood, cement and metal volumes of the house give it a unique look
Staircase leading to the top level of the house
Wood and metal create a smart street facade
Wooden stairway connecting different levels of the house
Gorgeous and modern Orange House in Memphis

The house’s design responds to the pie-shaped site and embraces modern aesthetics while maintaining a similar scale with the surrounding traditional neighborhood development. With only 32 feet of street frontage, the front of the house is dedicated to vehicular and pedestrian access, while the rear is nestled in the trees with views to a small neighborhood pond and walking trail.

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Modern industrial interior of the house in Memphis
Pond and walking trail behind the Memphis house
Rear of the house overlooks the pond and walking trail
First floor design plan of Orange House
Second floor plan of Orange House

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