In the world that we live in, spending a few precious moments in solitude or with the people we love is becoming rarer and rarer. A lot of it has to do with how busy we are and the way we tend to race with the clock each morning. It leaves us drained and even the idea of a simple picnic in a nearby park seems a touch too taxing on the weekends. This is exactly why the idea of a backyard retreat that serves as an escape is quickly gaining popularity across the world. Even if you cannot enjoy a lovely staycation on the lavish deck next to the pool, the tiny deck at your home can still serves as a rejuvenating getaway that costs absolutely nothing!

Even a small apartment balcony can be turned into a relaxing escape [From: Kia Designs]

Small decks can pack quite a punch when they are utilized properly and if you ask us, the small deck with the right décor and lighting feels a lot more intimate, romantic and charming than one with loads of space! The setting feels personal, tranquil and privacy is pretty much guaranteed here. Today, we delve into a world of modest decks from different homes that embrace various styles and see how each one has something unique and exceptional to offer. It is a truly charismatic ride!

For the Urban Home

Finding space in the urban home or apartment is hard enough as it is. Adding a relaxing hangout on the deck is even more difficult here as you have just about a few square meters of space to work with. Getting past this conundrum, the homes here turn to simple seating options that range from on easy outdoor sofa and a couple of classy chairs to just a bean bag for the loner! If the deck is an extension of the living area or the kitchen space, then you definitely have more room to work with. Even here, it is best to keep the decorating uncomplicated, minimal and clutter-free.

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Small contemporary deck of the Chicago home combines urbane charm with serenity [From: Northworks Architects + Planners]
Bean bag in the corner of the contemporary deck provides a relaxing hangout [From: egupova]
Long wooden bench coupled with a small outdoor sitting space for the tiny contemporary deck [From: Oakman Architecture Limited]

Table for Two!

We love the idea of a backyard escape that also doubles as your romantic getaway when you really are not in the mood to step out and celebrate that special day. The basics to put in place are pretty simple and all you need are a small table, a couple of chair, some smart lighting (candles also work just fine) and a hint of natural freshness in the air. It is all too easy and if you already have a fixed wooden bench on the deck or balcony, then a simple chair can be added to the mix to complete the setting. Even the tiniest of decks can be converted into a dreamy magical hangout with minimal effort.

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Small backyard deck with seating for a couple and greenery all around [From: Plantesdecor]
Tall walls give the homeowners privacy as they enjoy their time outside! [From: Chiara Cirinnà]
Farmhouse style deck creates a cozy escape surrounded by greenery [From: Damien Kelly Photography]

Keeping things Uncomplicated

Even if you have a considerable large deck or one of modest size at your home, sometimes you might not want to fill it with unnecessary décor. A small sitting area on a large deck looks classy and you can choose to develop the rest of it over time in a manner you see fit. If you love minimalism, then an all-white deck with just a couple chairs in neutral hues should transform the deck into a sophisticated and contemporary hangout. Of course, keeping this area spotless is another challenge in itself!

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Modern Mediterranean deck keeps things simple and minimal! [From: The NAVE]

Be it an ultra-small deck with just a blanket and throw pillows or one that is much more spacious and offers spectacular views of the distant waves or mountains, for those who want to keep the setting intimate, comfortable and hassle-free, scaling down the seating options is the best way forward.

Tiny contemporary deck on waves is a showstopper! [From: Neoteric Luxury]
Tiny tropical deck with casual seating that brings picnic home

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