If you are looking for an affluent and happening neighborhood in Sao Paulo, then they do not come more sophisticated than Brooklin. It is here that we find this fabulous apartment that is just 55 square meters in size and yet feels much larger than it really is. The interior of the polished apartment has been created to meet the needs of a young couple with a hint of personality, dash of color and a series of space-savvy features. Designed by Talita Nogueira Arquitetura, it is a burnt cement ceiling that is the most unique feature of this cheerful apartment. Beyond the ceiling, you are easily drawn by the creative use of color as well!

Modern Brooklin Apartment designed by Talita Nogueira Arquitetura in Sao Paulo

Blocks of white, gray and green are used with geometric flair inside the apartment to shape the accent walls in both the bedroom and the living area. Light comes into the apartment from the balconies outside and a series of indoor plants in the kitchen and the dining space bring freshness to the interior. Custom cabinetry in the living area and the bedroom bring storage options to the apartment while sparkling mirrored door for these cabinets ensure every room feels a lot more spacious than they actually are. Reflecting light and offering visual depth, it is these mirrored surfaces that make the biggest difference to the ambiance in here. [Photography: Eduardo Macarios]

Burnt cement surfaces in the apartment give it a unique appeal while green brings color to the neutral space
Decorating the living room in a modern casual style with a bit of geo flair
Dining outside in the balcony with a view of the sparkling city skyline
Gray, white and dark green blocks bring colorful geo style to the small bedroom
Making most of the limited balcony space with an outdoor dining area
Metal and polished gray surfaces shape this gorgeous modern kitchen
Mirrored cabinet door give the interior of the apartment a more spacious visual appeal

The main objective of this project was to create contemporary architecture without exaggeration, with a youthful and relaxed aspect, characteristic of those looking for apartments like this in the Brooklin region in São Paulo.

Small balcony next to the bedroom ushers in ample natural light
Use of green along with burnt cement creates a modern industrial style in the chic Sao Paulo Apartment
Using indoor plants to decorate the modern kitchen in style
Walk-in wardrobe and bedroom of the small contemporary apartment in Sao Paulo
Beautiful use of mirrored cabinet doors turns the narrow space into one that is bright and airy
Modern bathroom in white with burnt cement ceiling and lovely LED lighting

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