When you want to revamp an existing older home with historic value, the preferred trend is to add a rear extension that offers new living space on the lower level and a bedroom or studio above. This works well on most occasions and you really would not have to worry about altering the street façade as it is left unaltered. But in case of this traditional two-story residence in central London Housing Estate, the rear loft was just not possible because of local building and heritage constraints. This meant Bradley Van Der Straeten Architects had to take an entirely different approach while meeting the demands of a family ready to welcome home a second baby.

Upper level kids’ bedroom with exposed ceiling beams in wood and a backdrop in white

This unique design challenge meant that the overall building on the outside remained unaltered while the interior was transformed completely to create new split levels. These split levels draped in plywood do much more than just reorganize space, usher in warmth and conceal many spacious storage units. The new floor plan creates an entirely new bedroom on the upper level for kids and with a window in the hallway, adults can keep an eye on them at all times. This makes for a fun-filled, elegant and space-conscious interior where the insertion of new volumes relies on maximization of vertical space.

Large window on the upper level allows the homeowners to keep an eye on the little ones
Loft level kids’ bedroom with bed frame that is ceiling of the lower level bedroom
Plywood clad-walls and staircase completely alter the interior of the this London home
Plywood walls and cabinets along with shelves recreate the interior of this family home in London
Skylight ushers ample natural light into the bedroom in white

The ceiling of the bedroom below acts as the bed frame for the loft bedroom above and this creates an ingenious design solution where new space is found with ease. A neutral color palette in white and wood, exposed wooden ceiling beams and brick walls on the outside put the final touches on this renovated London residence. [Photography: French + Tye]

Spaces redesigned inside the house using plywood walls and lovely rooms
Custom vanity for the bathroom with hairpin legs adds to its space-savvy design
Fabulous kitchen in white and concrete with gorgeous blue cabinets that usher in color
Facade of the London home in brick with glass walls and windows that offer textural contrast
View of the Two and a Half Storey House from the street

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