Salzburg in Austria is a city that is renowned for many things ranging from classic European style architecture to world class art and music which is timeless. It is also a busy city where finding space for a large urban home is difficult. Land is divided to accommodate building of smaller homes and this has led to fragmentation of larger lots into smaller plots over time. But the Two-in-One house buckles this trend as it integrates two smaller sections of land into one large area for a gorgeous building. The elongated gabled roof of the building hints at the past of the neighborhood while the gray, metallic exterior gives the façade a more modern look. A perfect blend of the old and the new designed by Haro Architects!

Contemporary Two-in-One House in Salzburg with an elongated gabled roof

It is the lower level of the houses with concrete structure plinth that holds the bedrooms and private areas while it is the upper level that holds the public areas, living space, kitchen and dining room. With glass walls on the upper level, the homeowners can switch between unabated views and ample privacy whenever they want. Narrowness of the lot meant that the living area has an overall appeal that places emphasis on visual spaciousness and simplicity of design.

Large gray sectional in the living area with wooden floor and white walls
Large, oversized pendant in black illuminates the space above the dining table
Living area, dining space and kitchen on the upper level of the two-in-one house
Metal exterior in gray gives the unique elongated homes in the city of Salzburg a style of its own
Multi-level home feels elegant and refreshing even as it shares space with its neighbor
Sliding glass doors separate the living area from the deck outside
Walkway on the upper level connects both the houses on the lot

Elevated design of the house also lets those inside enjoy views of the neighborhood and the distant Alps even as the white and wood color scheme, modern décor and lovely lighting put the final touches on this Austrian home. [Photography: Oscar Baumgartner]

Warm lighting gives the homes a totally different visual appeal after sunset
Common garage and garden area creates separation between both the houses
Drapes allow those in the public spaces to switch between privacy and unabated views
Exterior of both the independent houses combines modernity of gray with classic gable roofs
Large concrete plinth on the lower level contains the private areas of both the homes

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