Built for an Artist: Contemporary Lake House with a Spacious Studio and Workshop

It is easy to see the appeal of a tranquil lake house that takes you away from the dazzle and noise of big cities. This prospect becomes an even more tantalizing idea for a couple of artists who want a serene hangout that fills them with ideas and inspirations. Designed for owners who are both artists – he is a painter and multimedia artist while she is a photographer and designer, the Trout Lake House in Washington mesmerizes you with the astounding views that it offers. Set on 40 acre agricultural property and sitting right next to the White Salmon River, the lake house opens up completely to invite in the vast outdoors.

Majestic views from the Trout Lake House in Washington

Designed by Olson Kundig, it is a combination of wood, concrete and steel that create this amazing escape with modern minimalism making its presence felt on the inside. From the outside, the design feels far more vernacular with local architectural elements and roof design shaping the overall structure. Divided into four different blocks, the house accommodates a spacious workshop, a reclusive studio and ample parking space along with the central living area, kitchen and dining. Even the bedrooms with their large, bi-folding doors become a part of panoramic landscape!

The art studio, workshop and guest spaces are carefully integrated into the main structure even while ensuring that they have an identity of their own. Each space finds ways to bring the scenic countryside indoors while the distant mountains stand majestically to complete the picture-perfect setting. [Photography: Jeremy Bittermann]

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Bi-folding glass doors open up the living area to the awesome view outside
Modern minimal interior in wood, concrete and metal
Minimal dining area with live-edge dining table
View of the Lake and the distant mountains from the house
Vernacular design is combined with modern ease at the Trout Lake House

The buildings recall the agricultural forms of the local built environment, but as is our nature in our designs, we sought to take that context and evolve it to a more emphatic modern language. We sought to design something that was exquisitely proportioned in a quiet, agricultural way.

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Smart design of the house also creates a serene art studio
Trout Lake House by Olson Kundig
Wild landscape surrounds the beautiful Trout Lake House
Modern and rustic elements combined at the Trout Lake House
Floor plan of Trout Lake House

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