Designing a home for a retired couple who have spent much of their life travelling around the country is a tough task as it demands a certain sense of freedom coupled with modernity and eclectic charm. The task becomes even trickier when one has to balance the idea of openness with a suburban setting where a busy street sits right next to the home. The Randwick House by Ben Giles Architect accomplishes this with a design that is sensitive to the needs of an elderly couple even as the street noise outside is kept out using a façade that relies on smart acoustics and wooden surfaces.

Contemporary Randwick House designed for a retired couple

It is a combination of wood and white that shapes much of the lower level of the house and the wood here is much more than an aesthetic addition. Wooden ceiling and other wall coverings inside the double height living area help reduce dispersion of noise even as the entire lower level with its own bedroom can act as an apartment on its own. A second living area, kitchen and bedrooms on the first floor can function as a home for the visiting grandchildren and can be accessed by both the staircase and an elevator.

Double height living area in white with wooden ceiling
Elegant and light filled interior of the Aussie home in wood and white
Expansive wooden surfaces inside the house help in drowning out noise
Gray contemporary exterior of the Randwick House
Lovely landscape lighting complements the contemporary appeal of the home
Natural greenery around the house helps in improving the acoustics

Cleverly built decks around the house along with the garden, pool area and other spaces extend the living space outside. A rainwater collection system and host of other planet-friendly features put the final touches on a home that is breezy, beautiful and well-lit at all times. [Photography: Murray Fredericks]

Smart design of the house keeps out all the street noise
Smart placement of ventilation duct illuminates the lower level kitchen and dining area
All-white contemporary kitchen is a showstopper
Chandelier makes a big impact even from the outside
First floor plan of Randwick House
Ground floor plan of Randwick House

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