Giving the old home a new lease of life or a smart extension is one thing. But turning a neglected and dilapidated house from early 19th century into a gorgeous modern home is an entirely different matter. That is exactly what Charlton Brown managed to accomplish with plenty of eclectic panache as they transformed this forgotten home. The new interior of the project dubbed Pilgrim’s Progress is anything but mundane as brilliant colors, amazing patterns and cleverly induced textural contrasts greet you at every turn. It is a showstopper in every sense of the way with eclectic collection of décor and design choices leaving you spellbound!

Light-filled modern kitchen and dining space is the heart of the new home

When it comes to structural part of the transformation, the skeletal part of the house was kept intact and a new rear addition was created to give it modern functionality. The lower level contains an open living are at the front with the spacious and light-filled kitchen and dining becoming the heart of the new setting. Bright pops of blue, pink, red and green are found all around with the client’s own eclectic mix of décor and art work collected over the years adding to the charming theme.

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Glass roof section bings ample light into the new dining room and kitchen with eclectic charm
Pop of pink brought into the living space using the comfy armchair
Wooden charm, eclectic beauty and a pop of orange shape this lower level living space
Black walls and a spacious bookshelf give the room a classic eclectic vibe
Create the perfect eclectic reading nook with a cozy chair and a lovely bookshelf

When it comes to the classic front brick façade, the changes were far more minimal and you can see that the house tries to find a delicate balance between its past and present. Wooden ceiling beams, brick walls on the bedroom level and glass partitions with dark, black frames ensure that this is a home that welcomes you with ‘something different’ at every turn.

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Lovely blue backdrop, multi-colored lighting and wooden ceiling for the eclectic dining space
Gorgeous use of multi-colored glass pendants to illuminate the eclectic dining space
Bright and brilliant lighting for the modern eclectic dining room
Fabulous eclectic bathroom with wooden floor and white bathtub

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