Summer might have arrived some time back, but there is still plenty of time to enjoy the good sunny days before darker days of winter set in. It is also a great time to try out new color schemes and themes in different rooms of the house. You can obviously start from the kitchen and the living room before moving on to the bedroom and other spaces like the dining area. But one room that is often ignored when it comes to makeovers is the bathroom. But this is one space that can instantly alter your lifestyle and quality of living even with a simple change in the color palette. That is exactly what we delve into today!

Fabulous and light-filled bathroom design in white and teal [From: Georgie Wykeham Designs]

The best bathroom color schemes are ones that combine a sense of relaxation with style and do so without ever seeming to try too hard. With summer and cozy fall months ahead, you can try out colors that bright, smart and give the bathroom a cheerful facelift. From amazing teal and ever-popular yellow to pastel greens and a whole lot more, this is a look at the best bathroom color trends of the season –

Relax with Teal’s Beachy Charm

When it comes to summer bathroom colors, it is often blue and white that comes to the fore as the most preferred color scheme. But this year, try out something much bolder and different by throwing teal into the mix. A color much brighter than turquoise and far more flexible in its use, teal in its many shades makes a big impact indeed. Be it as an accent hue that highlights the wall in the backdrop or be it in the form of tiles that shine brightly all year long, teal makes a style statement that you just cannot miss!

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Shiny tiles in teal for the contemporary bathroom in white [From: Tommaso Giunchi]
Striking and fun way to add teal using the bathroom vanity [From: Hakuna Haus]
Try out different shades of green in the bathroom with white backdrop [From: Michael Lewis Architects]
Custom teal vanity for the contemporary bathroom [From: Lavka-Design]
Gorgeous use of darker tones of teal in the bathroom

Sunny Yellow Twist

From one amazing color like teal, we move on to another brilliant hue that is eternally popular in warmer months – yellow. In modern bathrooms painted in neutral hues, yellow even in moderation makes a big visual impact indeed. It can be used to paint the old vanity, giving it a new lease of life or can add charm to the shower area as you redo the tiles. No matter which path you choose, make sure that you repeat the color in two or more places for a curated look. Lighter shades of yellow along with textured walls can work well in traditional, Mediterranean and country style bathrooms.

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Ingenious use of white and yellow using tile in the bathroom [From: Marsh & Parsons]
Presence of yellow shower area brings brightness to this bathroom
Textured walls in lighter shades of yellow are perfect for the Mediterranean style bathroom [From: Hawkins Interiors]
Use of yellow in the chic country style bathroom [From: Fiona Campbell Design]
Bright yellow accent wall for the contemporary bathroom in white [From: Flat for fox]
Dark yellow for the vanity stands stunningly next to the light yellow backdrop
Exquisite use of yellow in the modern white bathroom

Impressive White and Wood Trend

We have harped on and on about how wood and white as a color scheme is dominating homes across the globe this year. With half of 2019 already behind us, this trend only seems to be growing stronger by the day! Wood and white bathrooms are going to be popular not just for the next few months but also well into next year as well. This is a color scheme that lets you try other seasonal accent colors with ease. A perfect bathroom palette that combines spa-inspired look with warmth of wood at its refreshing best.

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Relaxing bathroom in white with wooden floor
Smart bathroom in white and wood [From: Didonè Comacchio Architects]
Window frame in wood adds to the warmth of the white bathroom
Wood and white bathroom with a dash of Oriental charm
Contemporary bathroom in white with wooden elegance [From: mango design]
Polished minimal bathroom in white with a floating wooden vanity

Pastel Greens Make a Comeback

We love the idea of pastels in the bathroom as they can be used to replace white without going down the more colorful route. One pastel that is an absolute must-try in the bathroom this summer and fall is green in its pastel form. Pastel green can be used both as accent colors and as the main hue for the backdrop. It is versatile when it comes to adapting to different styles as well with traditional and shabby chic bathrooms in pastel green seeming as amazing as modern and minimal bathrooms in the same color.

Finding the right balance between white and pastel green [From: Fusion D]
Pastel green tiles for the traditional bathroom [From: Gast Architects]
Smart use of pastel green in the bathroom give its a soothing, natural appeal [From: Gabriel Holland Interior Design]
Black sink and custom vanity for the bathroom in pastel green and white [From: 2LG Studio]
Elegant pastel green backdrop for the contemporary bathroom [From: Foxtons Estate Agent]
Love the use of green in this modern vintage bathroom with copper bathtub – Even if it is not pastel hues!

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