Relaxing, fun-filled and full of sunshine that many other parts of the North American continent starve of in the long, cold winter months, the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is a holiday that is not far away for many. And it is here that we find the incredibly resourceful, charming and relaxing Casa Picasso. Deriving its name from a work of art by the master himself displayed in the bedroom of this gorgeous holiday home, the entire setting was conceptualized and brought to life by Workshop. As narrow as just 3 meters at certain spots, this Mexican retreat clad in white perfectly epitomizes a vacation in bustling Yucatan.

Gorgeous green private yard of the holiday home with pool

As you step into this getaway that offers a safe and serene refuge from the constant rush all around, you will see a small living area in white that is enlivened by the colorful rug and the art work on the wall. Next to it is the staircase that leads to the bedroom on the upper level and also offers additional storage space below. Illuminated by lovely LED lights, the wooden staircase stands in contrast to an otherwise entirely white and neutral living space. Next to it is the bedroom and bathroom that provide a tranquil resting space and are connected to the amazing pool area outside.

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Street facade of narrow Casa Picasso in Mexico
View from above of the pool area and the narrow house
View of the lovely rear yard from above
Hammock adds color and charming holiday appeal to the house
Stone wall, lush green vegetation and a slim wooden deck create a private and relaxing pool zone
Relaxing rear wooden deck, pool area and hammock at Casa Picasso
Art on the walls by Pablo Picasso adds color and charisma to the interior
Beautifully illuminated wooden staircase with storage options beneath
Colorful tiled backsplash and art piece bring Mexican flavor to the kitchen

A wooden deck with natural tree resin, stone walls, lush green vegetation and a refreshing pool shape the backyard where a breezy hammock adds color. It is the rear yard that truly brings Casa Picasso alive as you enjoy a Mexican holiday that is unforgettable. [Photography: Tamara Uribe]

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It is the work of Pablo Picasso and the rug below that bring color to the small living space
Living area of Casa Picasso in Merida
Modern bedroom in white with wooden accents and art work from Pablo Picasso
Modern relaxing bedroom in white with warm wooden elements and a dash of color
Perfect bedroom in white for those who love the relaxing holiday-inspired look
Narrow kitchen and casual breakfast nook in white and wood with a pinch of color
Small outdoor atrium brings light into the bathroom
View of the yard and the deck from the bedroom
Tiles bring color and pattern to the bathroom in white

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