There is something undeniably unique and alluring about the city of Paris. It is a city that brings alive images of a sparkling skyline with the imposing Eiffel Tower in the backdrop, timeless cobble streets with colors of fall creating a romantic escape and high-end fashion being combined with nightlife that is never-ending! Paris essentially has it all and is the trendsetter when it comes to fashion and design world. When it comes to home design and decorating, the many apartments and homes of this city can be equally inspiring as they bring forth a style of their own that you can easily recognize.

Stunning pendant in gold along with fabulous yellow shelves enliven this home office [From: Archi designers]

In a time when many of us are working from home and that is most likely going to be the case for the next few months as well (at the very least), having the right home office is definitely important. With those constant zoom calls and many meetings, a backdrop that is chic and perfect for your work engagements is something that is now a ‘must-have’. This is where the unassuming simplicity and timeless elegance of Parisian style comes in mighty handy. From the chic to the snazzy, this is a look at how you an embrace a bit of Paris in your home office as well –

White, White and More White!

If there is one thing that all of us know about those many beautiful apartments in Paris, it is that they are most often draped entirely in white. It is a monochromatic white backdrop that is the most popular one with Parisian style and this continues in case of home offices as well. The backdrop in here feels both casual and perfect for work as you use pops of colors and creative accents to add color to it. You can try out lighter shades of gray and different beige hues in case white feels a bit too sterile for you in the home office.

Monochromatic white backdrop in the home office coupled with cozy woodsy floor and décor [From: H&M de Dumast]
Smart design of the home office allows it to disappear into the backdrop when not in use [From: MH DECO – Irène Cosani – Essonne]
Working with the corner space in the home office for a more space conscious look [From: Isabelle Le Rest Intérieurs]
Modular wooden cabinet in the backdrop saves space while also offering a cool display

Spacing it Just Right

An important part of functional home office is to ensure that there is just the right amount of space on offer for everything you need. A monochromatic white backdrop in these offices already ensures there is little visual fragmentation of space. Features like large windows that usher in ample natural light, lovely chandeliers with classic French flair and minimal decorating approach add to this sense of spaciousness. Start by working with the bare minimum; an approach that is integral to Parisian style. Adding a natural bookcase to the backdrop along with curated art pieces can elevate this look further.

Gorgeous and space-savvy home office in gray where the ornate walls make the biggest impact [From: Loft 75 – Design & Architecture d’Intérieur]
Retro appeal mixed with pastel green inside the one-of-a-kind home office
Bookshelves with smart design are an integral part of the perfect Parisian style home office [From: Studio ETT HEM]
Curvy desk and exposed brick wall make an impact in this small home office

Pastels and French Flair

Parisian chic and pastel colors go hand-in-hand and without much fuss at all. Pastels will never disappoint in here and you can choose from a more gender neutral hue like light blue and mint green to pastel pink and shades of light violet. A quaint fireplace in the corner, an eclectic mix of accessories and a style that is not too reliant on stereotypes add to the aura of a look that is inspired by the most beautiful homes in Paris. If you happen to have features like exposed brick walls, ceiling beams and a room with ‘bones’ that add something different, then do not hesitate to accentuate these features as well.

Wooden shelves, rug and desk bring a sense of timeless charm to this vintage home office [From: Atelier Olivier Bourdon]
Inside of the shelves and the sofa adds pink to this modern home office [From: Crouzet Sorbac & associés]
Spacious and contemporary home office in Paris with freestanding desk and acrylic chairs [From: FBO FRANCE]
White home office of Paris home with space for two and a lovely bookshelf above [From: Murs et Merveilles]

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