Forgotten industrial buildings built in the last century, old warehouses that have not been in use for a while now and dilapidated structures needing an urgent intervention have been some of the reasons for the resurgence of modern industrial style. In an attempt to provide efficient, cost-effective and suitable housing, architects have transformed many industrial buildings into residences that are both charming and unique. Nestled in one such building in the city of Tbilisi, Georgia is this fabulous apartment designed by 4 Visual. The stylish, modern and space-savvy apartment retains much of its original industrial appeal and does so with splendid panache!

Modern industrial apartment living room with luxurious leather sofa and wooden ceiling and floors

The first thing one notices as they step into the spacious living room is the eye-catching blend of different textures with each complementing the other beautifully. A wooden ceiling with sturdy beams and woodsy floor with chevron pattern are combined with a large leather sofa, smart décor that feels as modern as it is industrial, glass walls and even an exposed brick wall section leading to the kitchen. The kitchen next to the living area is small and simple with a breakfast bar that seats three, modern pendant lights, blue cabinets and ample storage.

Small modern industrial living room with plush leather sofa, brick walls and wooden ceiling
Two large pendant lights illuminate the small and functional kitchen counter
Beautiful laundry room in wood and white inside the small Tbilisi apartment
Bedroom becomes a part of the living area when the glass doors are opened
Bespoke credenza with a textured wooden finish brings pattern to the setting
Classic bathroom with subway tiles in white and wooden accents
Clever idea turns the tiny niche in the hallway into a beautiful home office

Another highlight inside the apartment is the bedroom with its framed glass walls that connect it with the living room whenever necessary. A series of drapes in the living area and in the bedroom allow the homeowners to shift between privacy and unabated views even as the little balcony outside offers a bird’s eye-view of Tbilisi’s bustling streets.

Custom standalone shelf in the bathroom to hold all your toilet supplies
Drapes bring privacy to the modern bedroom with glass walls
Framed glass walls surround the bedroom and separate it from the living area
Gorgeous modern industrial home in Tbilisi, Georgia with a space-savvy and urbane design
Kitchen at the end of the living area with a splash of blue thrown into mix
Balcony of the apartment overlooking the lovely city of Tbilisi

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