A better tomorrow is as much about saving energy today as it is about embracing nature and creating a connection between our interiors and nature outside. Accomplishing all this with a fluid design that combines two stunningly beautiful residences with one another and also the rugged coastal landscape around them is the Logie Point House designed by Guz Architects. Nestled on Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands, this majestic and relaxing contemporary home welcomes you with a green roof that feels like a simple and organic extension of the greenery around it. Hidden inside this carpet of green are two multi-level residences that promise captivating views of the sea and beyond.

Green roof becomes a part of the home and creates a link between the residence and the landscape

Stone and slate walls, floor-to-ceiling glass walls and a curved roof shape the distinct and spacious living rooms in here. A closed walkway with glass walls links the public and private areas even as it meanders through a lovely natural garden that is filled with reefs and plants. This native vegetation also filters the water entering into the natural pond and the swimming pool, making it another eco-friendly feature. A curvy staircase leads way to the upper level of the house with an open living area where one can relax while enjoying the ever-changing sights and sounds outside.

Lovely green roof blends the home seamlessly into the coastal landscape
Two houses and a fabulous natural pool provide a captivating window into coastal life
Eco-friendly and off-grid Logie Point House designed by Guz Architects in Jersey
Slate and natural stone shape this stunning contemporary coastal home that is also eco-friendly
Dramatic sea views and lovely sunsets create a magical living space on the Jersey coastline
Expansive interior of the stunning coastal home in Jersey with sea views that are just captivating
Fabulous closed walkway with glass walls connects different parts of the home

Natural passive heating and cooling techniques, top-notch insulation and cutting-edge Tesla powerwalls that store solar energy ensure that this home can survive completely off grid all year long. A perfect escape where nature takes center-stage! [Photography: Patrick Bingham-Hall]

Wooden slats filter natural light into this expansive coastal home
Curvy green roof, natural stone walls and floor-to-ceiling glass windows shape the Logie Point House
Modern curvy staircase leads way to the upper level of the home
Reeds and plants shape a natural landscape around the pool area and the house while filtering the water naturally

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