It is nice to sometimes move away from your regular home and spend some time in a structure that ushers in the holiday vibe and offers a more relaxing refuge. That is just what you get with a wooden cabin that ushers in a natural, holiday vibe even when it sits right in your backyard! A wooden cabin takes you far away from the more polished and ‘concrete’ man-made finishes and the warmth of wood gives a welcoming vibe. Since most of us tend to associate the image of a cabin with holiday in the woods, it is easy to turn a small cabin into a great and engaging escape for the entire family.

Tiny Workstation Cabin in the backyard with modern geometric style

While there are plenty of cabins that you might have come across all these years on Decoist, today we take a look at trio of unique and exclusive cabins that blend geometric contrast and style with the classic cabin look. One sits on the edge of a pond in Czech Republic while another is a small wooden structure in the backyard that serves as office space. Then there is the third that is the perfect tiny house for a couple who wish to get away from it all… Pick the gorgeous cabin that you love the most!

Geometric Office in the Backyard

The Workstation Cabin is a design that allows you turn pretty much any small backyard into a perfect little setting for your home office, kids’ playzone, a retreat that helps you get some ‘me’ time and a whole lot more. The 15-sided wooden structure sits on metallic stilts and ensures that is absolutely no damage to the flora on the lot while glass walls connect the interior with the scenery outside seamlessly. Simple metallic stairs lead up to the interior of the wooden cabin and on the inside, a custom desk and chair maintain the exceptional geo style that the cabin exudes. Strips of LED lighting and angular walls put the final touches on these space-savvy cabins.

Unique facade of the cabin with geometric style and 15 faces that let it stand out visually
Design of the desk and the chair inside the cabin adds to the geo style of the setting
Glass walls allow those inside the cabin to connect with the lovely landscape outside
Skylight brings ample natural light into the small and woodsy cabin with special geo design

Tiny Triangular Hideaway

The Grand Cabin by Hello Wood takes an entirely different direction when it comes to bringing geometric charm to the classic cabin design. Instead of using a minimal and contemporary form, this little cabin relies on the traditional A-frame design and does so while accommodating just a single occupant or a couple at its very best. You can even expand the design to fit in more folk and with the right décor, this little cabin can offer a great staycation in your own backyard as you escape the global pandemic.

Design of the Grand Cabin with triangular A-frame that steals the spotlight
Design plan of the Grand Cabin by Hello Wood
Glass walls bring natural light into the woodsy cabin built for solitude
Small cabin that contains a fully equipped community space inside
Spacious interior of the cabin adapts to the changing needs of its residents
Sturdy and space-savvy design of the cabin with A-frame makes an instant visual impact

Inspired by Traditional Design

Looking for a cabin that is much more traditional in its appeal and offers a lot more space? Then these cool cabins next to the pond in Czech Republic designed by Atelier 111 offer a great template. The cabins offer separate unit for the living room, kitchen and dining space and there is also a unit that is exclusively designated for storage. A relaxing escape that takes you into lap of nature!

Lovely Cottage next to the Pond in Czech Republic paints a picture of serenity

Inspired by traditional fishing huts, we propose a small cottage on the shore of a pond nestled in the picturesque landscape of the Vysočina region. Its size is limited by legislation. The maximum built-up area of 50 m2 and the maximum height of 5 m require a specific layout for family recreation. The building consists of four small masses, three interconnected and the fourth torn off, standing nearby.

Classic design of the cabin coupled with modern comfort for a lovely escape
Look inside the Cottage by the Pond in Czech Republic
Modern wooden cabins next to the pond in Czech Republic
Beautiful Cottage by the pond

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