Living off-grid can be well and truly liberating. If you are surrounded by constant rush of a big city, the unending array of lights and sounds and a sea of humanity, then getting away from it all does put your mind at ease. But you do need the right dwelling for such an experience and designed by Ark-Shelter, the 3 Cabins in Belgium offers this experience to the hilt. Created by Slow Cabins, these eco-friendly cabin units running on sustainable energy can take you away from the usual getaway spots and turn pretty much any lot into a tranquil and comfortable home away from home!

Off grid and eco-friendly cabins in Belgium for multiple purposes

The idea behind Slow Cabins is the design of smaller, healthier and more eco-friendly dwelling units that ensure minimal carbon footprint while keeping you completely comfortable. Each of these cabins is crafted entirely in wood and what the units lack in size, they makeup in efficiency and ergonomics. Even the wood wasted during the manufacturing of these smart cabins is recycled and turned into shelving and accessories inside the elegant homes. Slow Cabins can customize and offer different modules which range in functionality from rental units and holiday homes to business meeting venues and off-beat residences.

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Enjoy tranquility and nature at these green off-grid cabins
3 Cabins in Belgium by Ark-Shelter
Bedroom of the cabin completely opens up towards the world outside
All-wood interior of the modular cabins with wooden toys and accessories
Innovative off-grid and sustainable homes from Slow Cabins

Perfectly insulated glass walls, large sliding glass doors and beautiful niches and window seats help connect those inside with the landscape outside. Efficient, planet-friendly and easy on your pocket, the future does belong to such mobile, modular housing units that do it all! [Photography: Jonas Verhulst]

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Smart wooden additions add to the warmth of the already woodsy interior
Solar energy for homes designed by Slow Cabins
Off-grid and eco-friendly cabin designed by slow cabins
Model of 3 Cabins in Belgium
Floor plan of 3 Cabins in Belgium

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