Welcome to the spectacular Saddle Peak House, nestled in the majestic Santa Monica Mountains with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. This retreat is a masterpiece of design, meticulously planned to blend with the surrounding nature and provide a unique experience.

The most striking feature of this residence is how the structural concrete walls, molded to resemble wooden planks, emerge from the mountainous topography, defining the house into two distinct volumes. With its L-shaped design, the house balances perfectly between the airy slope and the earthly plain, creating a charming courtyard with breathtaking views of the massive rock and the infinity pool. On the other side of the property, the studio and garage align, establishing an imposing horizontal reference.

Steel beams support the slabs, creating an open and airy space. Metal frames filled with wood and glass, along with solid wood interior partitions, define the private and service spaces of the residence.

The material palette provides a tranquil experience. Slatted screen doors and exterior shades control the entry of natural light, while the air conditioning system is powered by geothermal heat pumps and solar panels mounted on poles.

Additionally, the Saddle Peak House includes a detached studio above the garage, featuring an extra bedroom, a living room, a kitchenette, and a bathroom. This versatile space allows accommodating a second family or offers a secluded retreat for guests seeking privacy.

The design of this house celebrates the harmony between the heavy and the light, the transparent and the opaque, the rooted and the floating. It invites you to experience nature deeply and intimately while enjoying all modern amenities. It’s not just a house; it’s an experience that will become unforgettable. The Saddle Peak House is truly a gem in the Santa Monica Mountains, a place where architecture blends with the spectacular landscape, providing a sublime and timeless escape.


Architects: Sant Architects
Project: Saddle Peak House
Location: Topanga, California, United States
Size: 240m²
Year 2017
Photographer: Joe Fletcher

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