Welcome to Artery House, a residence that transcends the simple definition of home. This project is a living testament to the marriage of contemporary architecture and art, where the art collection is the pulsating life force that animates every room. Picture yourself walking through a space that is more than just a house; it’s an immersive artistic experience.

Artery House, designed by the renowned architectural firm Hufft, is the dream come true of a couple who repeatedly ranks among the top 200 contemporary art collectors in the world. This 10,650-square-foot residence in Kansas City, Missouri, is a celebration of art in all its forms, from paintings and sculptures to photographs. Art is the heart of this house, flowing like vital blood through its ‘arteries.’

As you enter the house, you are immediately enveloped by an underground gallery space that houses an impressive collection of artworks. Every detail has been meticulously planned, from specific lighting to climate control, ensuring the preservation of these precious pieces. These art-filled walls provide moments of contemplation where your imagination is free to wander.

Artery House unfolds around three triple-height atriums affectionately called ‘arteries.’ These spaces are not just passageways; they are living galleries, brimming with art that extends from the basement to the two upper floors. It’s as if the house itself breathes art.

On the upper level, you’ll find five luxurious bedrooms, elegantly appointed offices for him and her, a state-of-the-art kitchen, and a dining room that are artworks in themselves. The living spaces seem to float, enveloped in cedar and aluminum, creating a sense of lightness and harmony.

The connection to nature is also a striking feature of this house. The landscaping and outdoor spaces blur the boundaries between the residential environment and a sculpture garden. Large-scale sculptures are strategically placed, creating moments of surprise and admiration along the terraces and around the backyard pool.


Title: Artery Residence
Location: Kansas City, MO United States
Area: 990 m²
Year: 2016
Architects: Hufft Projects
Photo Credit: Michael Robinson
Manufacturers: Blanco, Blu Bathworks, Duravit, GE Lighting, Miele, Subzero/Wolf, VALVO

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