What better way to celebrate sleek forms and mixed materials that by incorporating geo objects into your home?! Angles, lines, curves and facets take center stage in this top trend that’s been embraced by enthusiasts of modern design. Brass, marble and crystal are just a few materials of choice. Minimalist without being sparse, today’s decorative objects look as at home on your coffee table as they do in a display case. That’s because they’re eye catching without being fussy. In fact, there’s a bit of mystery in their simplicity. Keep reading for a collection of our favorite geometric decorative objects, including these Setup Candleholders designed by Jonah Takagi… 

Crystal and Glass

Crystal and glass objects create a look that can range from the mysterious to the glamorous. When facets are involved, the light catches the surface, creating shine (and sometimes even rainbows). This Crystal Guardian from CB2 is a definite conversation piece:

Rocks, minerals, houseplants and bookends are shelf and tabletop staples when it comes to interior design. But why not go with something unexpected, like these Andre Crystal Spheres ? K9 crystal creates striking and substantial forms:

There’s something festive about bubbles…just ask a glass of champagne! These Bubble Glass Objects from ferm LIVING are available in four different geometric shapes. Plus, you can use them either as candleholders or vases!

Marble Magic

Marble is one of today’s most popular materials, and even when trend reports suggest it’s on the way out, it manages to stay relevant. Geo objects are one of its most timeless manifestations! Designed by Objects of Common Interest and handmade in Greece, this marble mirror is available in two options: Dionisios White and Tinos Green. Available through Matter.

Fort Standard’s hexagonal Stone Trivets have been at the top of our list for years. Available in white Carrara, green and black marble, in addition to black granite, these trivets feature hand-stamped tanned leather on the back. Not only is this leather beautiful, it prevents scratching on the surface the trivets call home!

A triangle and a circle come together in CB2’s Trifecta Marble Triangle, crafted from marble. Undeniably contemporary and ever-interesting, this piece is as eye-catching as it is precise:

Also from CB2, these Marble Spheres combine the beauty of stone and geometry. With no flat spot, they’re the real thing when it comes to spherical style!

This set of 3 Marble Trees from ferm LIVING features black, brown and green marble. “Cone” is the word. You can use these bold pieces to hold jewelry or create a modern forest on the surface of your choice!


When one top trend meets another, you get the best of both worlds! That’s what happens when geo objects are graced with the rainbow shine of iridescence. This Burnt Glass Orb from CB2 is intriguing, thanks to a hand-finished burning process that results in waves of color:

When your favorite quartz crystals are topped with a layer of metallic iridescence, you get the beauty of Rainbow Aura Quartz Crystal Sculptures from Urban Outfitters. Natural quartz in cut into a cylindrical shape, and then the top crystals are bonded with gold and titanium. Rainbow-licious!

Also from Urban Outfitters is the Nova Iridescent Mirror, which adds a mystical shine to each reflection seen in the circular surface. Hang it on the wall, use it as a vanity tray, or lean it against a shelf. The possibilities are endless!

Marvelous Metal

We end with the power and strength of metal, whether it be tones of gold, brass, copper or silver. Don’t hesitate to display different metals in one grouping. After all, the mixed metal trend is still going strong! Designed by Dean Roper for Urban Outfitters, this 18k Gold Luster Tabletop Mirror features an 18 karat gold base that supports a round mirror:

Fort Standard’s Copper Hemisphere is available in a round sphere (shown below) or a larger spheroid shape. Bonus points if you fill it with something sparkly, like a mineral sample! Also available in brass.

These Brass Card Stands from ferm LIVING are perfect for displaying photos, notes and cards. Choose from the Arch, Sphere or Column. Or better yet, purchase and display all three!

Note that all three shapes are also available in black-oxidized brass, shown below:

We end with the True Colors Vase by Lex Pott for &Tradition (available via Matter). Each of these vases is crafted from a different oxidized metal, as well as a contrasting polished segment. Choose your favorite combination, or purchase more than one and enjoy a grouping of colors and metals such as white aluminum, green coper and black brass.

Now who’s ready to start collecting objets d’art with geo flair?! Get your display cases ready…

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