Sometimes all you need is slight tweaks and a simple change in the floor plan of your home to give I an entirely new look. This modern apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil was redone by Bruna Pires to give the lower level of this loft a dashing, spacious new look. With just 100 square meters of space available on the first level of the loft, the idea was to expand the living area by reducing the space that was previously wasted for the large toilet. By just removing some of the internal walls and downsizing the toilet, the fresh interior feels both energizing and inviting.

Spacious and light filled living area of renovated Sao Paulo loft

With the new interior being inspired by the revamped industrial lofts of Brooklyn and New York City, a whitewashed brick walls becomes the focal point of the living area. This section is transformed into the living room TV wall with a custom wooden entertainment unit below. The finish of the unit allows it to blend in with the other wooden décor and accessories in the room. Bespoke sofas with modular ease delineate the living area from other areas of the house. Overlapping carpets also help in this demarcation of space even as the large windows bring in ample natural light.

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Stairway leading to the upper mezzanine level of the loft
Whitewashed accent brick wall for the living room TV wall
Altering the bathroom gives the living area a more spacious presence
Contemporary Sao Paulo interior inspired by modern industrial New York lofts
Different overlapping rugs for the stylish modern living room

Bookshelves, relaxing loungers and other contemporary décor pieces complete the open living area while the new toilet has an all-white look with a black band anchoring it visually. Retro sink and dark-framed mirror complete this tiny setting, which seamlessly blends in with the style of the altered loft.

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Custom wooden entertainment unit under the TV matches other wooden finishes in the room
Dark framed mirror and retro sink for the tiny toilet
Revamped tiny toilet in white with a dash of black
Floor plan of Loft JD in Sao Paulo

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