Revamping a family home to create more space often comes in the form of a rear extension that links the older existing house with the backyard in a more contemporary fashion. And that is just what you get with the minimal and sophisticated Nat’s House revamp in Cammeray, a bustling suburb of Sydney. The transformation started with the demolition of the previous extension on the site that was poorly planned and outdated. This was replaced with a new, contemporary space where white takes over pretty much everywhere and you have an urbane design that relies firmly on functionality, minimalism and exquisite contemporary décor.

Gorgeous modern extension to suburban Sydney home connects the main house with the garden

A Studio Prineas creation, the rear extension is seamlessly integrated with the old house and you find a bit of modernity spilling over into the bedrooms and personal areas as well. The extension itself contains a new kitchen area, dining space and living room – all of which are connected with the garden using large glass windows and sliding glass doors. White-painted recycled brick on the inside ensures there is textural contrast in the living space and kitchen without actually moving away from the monochromatic backdrop even as the comfy chairs and coffee table bring metallic glitter to the setting.

Modern extension to an old house in Cammeray combines the home with the garden
Light-filled living area of the revamped home in Sydney suburbs feels fresh and contemporary
Minimal decorating style and curated decor pieces make this a stylish little living space

Wooden panels on the wall and storage units also offer something unique visually even as ample natural light floods every corner of the room. It is not very often that you find a home extension with such polished minimalism and that is what makes the Nat’s House so very special! [Photography by Chris Warnes]

Sliding glass doors and large windows now connect the living area, kitchen and dining with the garden
Spaces inside the original house are also given a dashing, modern makeover
Stone and tile create a cool, monochromatic bathroom in white full of light
Utilizing the little niche in the hallway to create a functional space
Wood on the walls and the dining table bring contrast and warmth to the clean space in white
Exquisite contemporary kitchen in white with painted brick walls and an island in marble

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