Most modern apartment structures not only feel sterile and boring, but are often viewed as buildings that impact the urban landscape in a negative fashion by wasting vast energy resources and leaving a huge carbon footprint. But the Crest Apartments in Los Angeles takes an entirely different approach to its design with a more energy-efficient and eco-friendly set of apartments that are LEED platinum certified and perfect for the eco-conscious homeowner. Features like energy-star rated refrigerators, hoods and other kitchen appliances along with high-efficiency bathrooms, smart energy-saving systems and recycling units combine to drastically cut down on the carbon emissions of this apartment complex.

Contemporary energy-efficient apartment complex in LA

Designed by Michael Maltzan Architecture, each of the apartments has a ventilation system that reduces dependency on artificial heating and cooling while smart planning around the building keeps ambient temperature as constant as possible. The curved design of the complex also helps create a private courtyard and space for common areas that include outdoor recreation zones and dining spaces. Solar panels on the roof also provide more than 50 percent of the hot water used in the building and with neutral, white and light-filled interiors every home here feels like a relaxing and cozy refuge! [Photography: Iwan Baan]

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Entrance to the modern Crest Apartments in LA
White bedroom inside the apartment unit with ample natural light
White and minimal exterior of the Crest Apartments
View of the apartment complex from the street

By integrating landscape materials such as permeable pavers that can withstand various loads, the demarcation between hardscape, softscape, and functional requirements are blurred to create an interchangeable ground surface. The pervious surface enables rainwater filtration into two bioswales below the parking area. Drought resistant trees and plantings will be used extensively.

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Lower level parking at the Crest Apartments
View of the arched apartment complex in LA from above
Third floor plan of the Crest Apartments with studio apartment units
Floor plan of different apartment units at the Crest Apartments
Fourth floor plan with different apartment units

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