There are times when a home is more about functionality rather than aesthetics and frugality takes precedence over eye-catching architecture. Then there are occasions when architects are allowed to express themselves in much more fluid and fluent fashion – even if it is still limited by the choice of style. It is the latter that one finds at the beautiful and luxurious Lakeway Residence in Hill County of Texas. The expansive and contemporary house was created to combine the interior and the exterior in a flowing, seamless manner even as the glazed windows and floor-to-ceiling glass doors kept out searing Texas heat and prying eyes!

Expansive rear facade of the home in white and glass

Designed by Clark Richardson Architects, the street façade of the home is draped in white with a series of glass walls and a framed entry offering visual contrast. Greenery welcomes you here as the lovely entryway gives you a glimpse of what the rear courtyard holds in a more expansive manner. The open plan living area is drape din neutral hues with white shaping much of the backdrop. Cleverly placed blue accents throughout the house enliven each room with the large modern kitchen and a spacious dining area completing the public spaces.

Entry foyer with a fabulous golden console table and lovely decorative pieces
Luxurious open plan living area with neutral color scheme and simple blue accents
Dashing slim fireplace is at the heart of this living area connected with the pool and courtyard
Modern kitchen with stone island, Edison bulb lighting and a striking gray backsplash
Landscape outside the house is all about fabulous lighting and ample greenery
Master suite of the home with access to the pool area offers mesmerizing views

It is the entry water feature that mesmerizes guests at this home and also manages to become a part of the interior thanks to the extensive use of glass walls. A master suite with access to the pool area, additional bedrooms, bathrooms and ingenious lighting along with passive cooling techniques put the final touches on this extravagant Texas home. [Photography: Paul Finkel / Piston Design]

Fabulous and vibrant water feature becomes a part of the home interior
Glass windows bring the gorgeous courtyard water feature indoors!
View of the private street facade of the contemporary Texas home
Dark and dashing framed entry of the home in white and glass is a showstopper
Exquisite Lakeway Residence with dashing contemporary design and smart ergonomics

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