The kitchen is one space of your house that requires plenty of attention both in terms of aesthetics and ergonomics. In most modern kitchens, space is an absolute premium that you simply cannot waste. This is exactly where a smart and space-savvy pantry comes in handy. The pantry helps tuck away all your kitchen supplies, groceries and additional kitchenware with ease. It gives the modern kitchen a more organized and clutter-free environment. But finding the right pantry for your kitchen can be difficult with all the options available. This is exactly why we have a cool collection of 15 fabulous, space-saving pantry designs to choose from for you today.

Double floor-to-ceiling pantries flank the refrigerator in this transformed modern kitchen [From: Edmond Kitchen & Bath]

Getting the pantry design right is all about making the right style and functional choices. Different kitchens require different pantries and the overall size of the pantry is also dependent on your kitchen skills, number of family members that you need to cook for and the amount of time for which you need to stack up supplies. With that in mind, here is look at trendy new designs from which you can draw plenty of inspiration –

For the Stylish, Modern Kitchen

In the modern kitchen, the small pantry can come in might handy. It can be tucked away easily in the corner of the kitchen and you can even move a couple of your modular shelves and cabinets away to create space for the wall mounted pantry. A pantry with smart frosted glass doors fits in easily here, but for those seeking something different, chalkboard doors are a fun option as well. Gray and white pantry doors, polished shelves that can be easily folded away and pull-out drawers can complete this cool little space.

Pantry wall in the kitchen sits atop the bottom cabinets comfortably
Slim and stylish pantry for the minimal contemporary kitchen
Tucking away excess kitchenware and supplies into the pantry gives the kitchen an organized look [From: deVOL Kitchens]
Exquisite contemporary pantry with pull-out cabinets and ample storage space [From: Architology]

Bespoke Pantry Solutions

We love a custom pantry that is crafted to meet the exact demands of the homeowner. A bespoke pantry gives you plenty of advantages over the cookie-cutter models that might simply be too big or just ungainly for your existing kitchen. You can turn a tiny nook in the kitchen into a pantry here and do so with models that range from slide-out designs that sit right next to the refrigerator to thos that blend in with the existing kitchen cabinets.

Bespoke pull-out system provides all the necessary storage space inside this modern kitchen [From: Murray & Ball Furniture Ltd]
Chalkboard wall for the pantry gives the kitchen a cool focal point [From: Fuse Concept]
Custom unit houses pantry that offers plenty of storage area for everything in the kitchen
Traditional kitchen with small pantry that can be easily hidden when not in use [From: MasterBrand Cabinets]
Beautiful and unique custom pantry in blue stands on its own [From: Edmondson Interiors]

Adapting to your Kitchen Style

The pantry that you add to the kitchen needs to blend in with its style and even enhance it if possible. The best pantries are those that simply vanish into the backdrop when not in use and feel like an organic extension of the kitchen, Sliding barn doors and weathered wooden shelves for the pantry work brilliantly in farmhouse, rustic and vintage kitchens while a bit of metal and glass is a must for those in modern industrial homes. DIY solutions like wooden crates on wheels and smart shelves handcrafted at home can be added to these pantries for an even more elegant and unique look.

Turn the nook next to the kitchen into a spacious and dedicated pantry [From: Michaelson Homes LLC]
Wooden pantry with weathered finish for the rustic kitchen
Wooden pantry with weathered finish for the rustic kitchen
Bright and cheerful pantry in red with dark gray doors for the farmhouse kitchen [From: HomeTex Homes]
Mid Century inspired kitchen with fabulous pantry that uses cartons on wheels and multiple shelves [From: Culshaw Kitchen Makers]

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