Dreamy Restaurant Escape: Inspired by Starry Moonlit Nights under the Sky!

Remember that lovely date night under the night sky where you escape the world and it is just the star-studded sky above and nature all around you that keep you and your beloved company? Surely, all of us have had the experience at some point in our life. But soon reality kicks in, life turns into a race against the clock and finding such space and time is hard to imagine. But the lovely Cuisine de Garden BKK designed by Integrated Field in Bangkok tries to bring back this magic with their lovely new restaurant that takes you away from the urban rush of the city and into a world full of wonder.

Randomly placed indoor trees bring nature into this restaurant

Inspired by nature, night sky on a full moon day and fireflies (Yup!), this amazing little restaurant will leave you awestruck. The idea here was simple – giving customers an experience that they will cherish without going over the top with the design. A curated collection trees inside the restaurant is the first thing that you will fall in love with here! Each tree is illuminated in white while the tables have warmer lighting above them, creating an impression of dining under a moonlit outdoor escape.

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Gorgeous and innovative interior of Cuisine de Garden BKK
Gorgeous use of LED lighting in the garden of the restaurant
Nature-inspired restaurant with trees inside!
Warm focused lighting coupled with white lights for the trees replicates a picnic under moonlit sky
An oasis of relaxation in the rush of Bangkok’s busy life!

But the true highlight of the restaurant is its bar area with LED lights that are randomly placed against a dark backdrop to mimic the visual of fireflies in the light sky. Everything else pales in comparison to this whimsical and glittering sight as you are instantly transported back to simpler days of your childhood. A restaurant that is absolutely magical indeed! [Photography: Ketsiree Wongwan]

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Dark ceiling and LED lights bring the visual of fireflys in the night sky
View of the nature-centric restaurant in Bangkok from outside
Floor plan of Cuisine de Garden BKK in Thailand
Design plan of nature-inspired Bangkok restaurant with trees indoors

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