A tiny restaurant with a lovely sitting area that is modest, a take away point and a view of the delightful streets outside is a task that is hard to pull off. Add to it the idea of integrating the interior with the view of the streets outside and you have a smart architectural job that demands balance of space and style. The Le Crêpe da Pía designed by Erbalunga studio accomplishes this by combining more than just the outdoors and the interior as medieval charm of its Spanish neighborhood is cleverly intertwined with modernity and a sense of inviting warmth. A surprise awaits at every turn!

Cozy and space-savvy wooden seating inside the tiny Spanish restaurant

Sitting in the medieval part of Galicia, the exquisite little restaurant offers those outside a view of the making of tasty crepes inside. This gives the Creperie a fun, cheerful vibe even while bringing in additional natural light. Stone walls inside the restaurant are smartly amalgamated with modern finishes and smart industrial lighting to fashion a space that feels engaging and fun. It is easy to fall in love with this unassuming and refreshing and beautiful hangout where life seems to come alive! [Photography: Iván Casal Nieto]

Counter at the start of the small restaurant that flows into the street outside
Glass wall partition allows light to flow through in an unabated fashion
Lovely lighting and smart combination of finishes gives the restaurant a smart interior
Modern minimal interior of the small restaurant in Spain
Smart use of space inside the modern eatery makes it more efficient
Stone, wood and contemporary finishes are carefully intertwined inside the restaurant

The design consideration was to not overload a small space. The level has been adopted for geometric simplicity using clear tones and a palette of reduced materials to enhance and entice. The final perception of the customer was to be a local urban fast and welcoming food outlet, where the product to sell is highly visible and accessible to passers-by with a clear message of product.

Stylish and space-savvy Le Crêpe da Pía in Spain
View of Le Crêpe da Pía from the street
Windows towards the street showcase the making of delicacies inside
Wooden ceiling features and contemporary lighting of the restaurant
Contemporary eatout in Galicia, Spain with a classic modern style

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