A cabin-style home that feels modern and elegant, the Hewn House designed by Matt Fajkus Architecture in Austin combines the best of both worlds. The home on the outside has a warm wooden exterior with gable roof while the interior is much more modern and spacious. One of the striking features of the interior is a fireplace clad in brick that sits at its heart and becomes the visual focal point. A slanting wooden roof adds warmth to an open living area that also contains the kitchen and the dining area. The blend of rustic and modern in the home presents a beautiful world of contrasts that blur traditional indoor-outdoor boundaries.

Beautiful cedar elm exterior of the Hewn House feels warm and inviting

It is the trees outside that shape the overall contours of the house and the greenery on the lot shapes its final form. The living area has been extended outdoors using a series of patios and decks and this creates a social zone that is light-filled and cheerful. A large cedar elm tree is the focal point of the outdoors and every space flows into the next with ease. Sliding glass doors coupled with ceiling windows ensure that every room feels well-ventilated and elegant. A perfect urban home inspired by timeless rural element. [Photography: Charles Davis Smith]

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Fabulous wood facade of the house feels smart and stylish
Gable roof and wood exterior give the home a modern cabin look
Kitchen and dining room of the house connected with the living area

Open plan living area with lovely fireplace and gable roof
Street facade of the Hewn House in Austin designed by Matt Fajkus Architecture

The iron spot bricks with an earthy, reddish tone around the fireplace cast a new material interest both inside and outside. The gable roof is clad with a standing seam to reinforced the clean-lined and faceted form. Furthermore, a dark gray shade of stucco contrasts and complements the warmth of the cedar with its coolness.

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Trees around the house shape its facade and overall appeal
White modern bathroom with contemporary style and a floating wood vanity
Brick fireplace adds reddish hue to the living room with gable wood ceiling
Dark gray stucco gives modernity to the exterior of the house
Entry room of the Hewn House in white
Floor plan of the Hewn House

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