A rough terrain, irregular site and an orientation that required design balance were just of the many design conundrums that House D in Nishinomiya, Japan presented. Designed by Yuichi Yoshida & Associates this modern family residence finds smart living solutions in out-of-the-box ideas that move away from the mundane and create a cozy, comfortable home. An eccentric gabled roof is the most distinctive feature of the house when viewed from outside. The roof is much more than just an aesthetic choice as the terrain and the floor plan defined its final form. A courtyard and atrium bring in ample natural light with greenery finding its way inside the house.

Street facade of House D in Japan

A narrow and seemingly irregular living area with dining space and kitchen at the far end make for an interesting visual here. Sliding glass doors connect the interior with the spacious covered atrium and the courtyard while loft level sleeping quarters and cleverly hidden bedrooms cut down on wastage of space. As with most Japanese homes it is wood and white that hold sway here with ladders, walkways and corridors creating a beautiful connection between different sections of House D. [Photography: Kenta Hasegawa]

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Light-filled living area in white of the Japanese home
Open living area with dining and courtyard
Space-savvy design of the interior with loft level rooms
Beautiful wooden beams offer structural support along with textural contrast
Bathroom in white with wooden beams and skylight
Smart corridors and walkways allow for flow of light and smart ventilation

First of all, as a way of construction, instead of setting up a house by setting back on the front road which is a slope like the surroundings, instead of building a house, a blank space is made so as to cross the site straight from the cutting part connecting the oblique road and the premises I picked up the volume to the west side…

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Greenery adds freshness to the interior of the home
Irregular plot gives birth to unique modern home in Japan with warm lighting
Ladder leading to the loft level inside the Japanese home
Spacious courtyard of the modern Japanese home
Wooden loft level of the Japanese home
Floor plan of Nishinomiya House D

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