How a House on the Trees That Regenerates the Devastated Land | Loma Sagrada House

Located in an area previously devastated by livestock farming, this house was built with minimal earth movement, preserving soil integrity. Raised on stilts, it allowed vegetation to grow even during the construction process. With an eco-friendly approach, the house primarily utilizes plantation wood, contributing to CO2 absorption and promoting a healthier environment. Its location on the slope of a hill provides breathtaking views and a unique connection with the surrounding landscape. Combining innovative design, environmental respect, and modern comfort, Loma Sagrada House represents a model of sustainability and harmony with nature.


Architects: Salagnac Arquitectos
Photographs: Andres Garcia LAchner
Location: Nosara, Costa Rica
Area: 1200 m²
Year: 2023

0:00 – Casa Loma Sagrada
1:19 – Entrance
3:01 – Structure
3:48 – Bedroooms
5:07 – Materiality
5:42 – Recreation area
8:15 – Drawings

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