A kitchen is different for different people. Some want one that offer just the bare minimum and allows you to prepare a basic meal when you need one. Others want a space that is far more demanding and can serve a family of 4 or 5 with ease. Then there is the modern trend of social kitchens that bring the entire family together and ensure that even those cooking can constantly interact with other members of the family. No matter what your functional requirements of the kitchen are, a new season or a new year brings with it an opportunity to change it from a stylistic and aesthetic viewpoint. Today, we delve into the world of kitchens with floral pattern and how they add that something different to the open plan setting.

Wallpaper in blue with flowery pattern feels natural in this eclectic kitchen with smart green island [From: Andrea Schumacher Interiors]

Adding floral pattern to the kitchen is not all that common and ye it is a look that works with a variety of styles. Some styles obviously are much more naturally inclined to the kitchen with floral pattern than others like shabby chic, eclectic and tropical. Yet, when used in a restrained fashion, this is a look that feels organic in the modern kitchen as well. From wallpaper and window coverings to décor and more, this is a look at different fun ways in which one can bring flower-filled beauty to the kitchen –

Wallpaper Keeps Things Simple

Wallpaper is arguably the easiest and most effective way of adding floral pattern to the modern kitchen while keeping everything else unaltered. You can start off small with the wallpaper and use it for just a little section or as part of the accent wall. If you love the look, then there is always an option of bringing more floral charm to kitchen by replicating the idea. Do make sure though that rest of the kitchen remains as neutral as possible and the colors elsewhere are not too bright. This makes sure that the overall visual is uncluttered, elegant and keeps the focus on the wallpapered section.

Floral brilliance sweeps you off your feet in this smart, modern kitchen [From: Chronicle Books / Charlotte Hedeman]
Flower-filled kitchen is not a look for everyone! [From: IBB Design Fine Furnishings]
Flowery wallpaper covers an entire wall in this narrow kitchen and gives it a dashing, unique aesthetic [From: Venegas and Company]
Classic wallpaper is an easy and elegant way to bring pattern and color to the luxurious kitchen

Window Coverings and Drapes

Window coverings and drapes are not features that you come across in every both because some believe they might be a hazard and others feel aesthetics does not allow them to use such additions. Yet for a kitchen with multiple windows, drapes or other window coverings are a must and this gives you an opportunity to add a bit of floral panache to the setting. Blinds and shades with flowers or tropical theme can bring simple pops of color to a neutral kitchen.

Window blinds and shutters bring pattern filled with flowers to this lovely kitchen [From: Hamilburg Interiors]
Window covering are an easy way to bring flowery beauty to this white and gray eat-in kitchen [From: R Titus Designs]
Beautiful floral pattern easily integrates with the shabby chic charm of this bespoke kitchen [From: Bill Mathews Photographer]

Small Infusion of Floral Beauty

If you are not someone who wants to use wallpaper or even drapes to usher in floral pattern, then another simple option is wall art. Large wall art pieces with floral prints are perfect for the sleek, modern kitchen. Those looking for a bolder option can try out custom kitchen backsplashes with floral beauty that feel unlike anything else. Chairs with printed covers that are a part of the dining area in the eat-in kitchen, rugs with floral prints and other small accents; there are plenty of ways to usher in freshness without breaking theme.

Wallpaper with flower pattern brings color and contrast to the kitchen in white [From: Studios Interiors]
Gorgeous shabby chic kitchen where artwork brings flowery charm to the setting [From: En Vie Interiors by Melanie Bowe]

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