STUDIO BLUECERIGO This new photographic agency wants to be a place of diffusio
and creation as well as a place of life in its own right. For the
sake of integrating daily rituals of guarding into complex
working hours, a large part of the space is dedicated to the
children of promoters and collaborators. The original space has been completely restructured to create
an open and versatile place. The addition of shutters to the
openings allows to modulate the natural light, inherent to the
photographer’s work, according to a device that is both simple
and aesthetic. The space is fragmented by the implantation of “place-
objects” which reconfigure the full and the empty spaces to
offer unusual visual breakthroughs compared to the relatively
modest scale of the places.

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Homes near Montréal, Québec, Canada

  • 1st Avenue Residence
  • Project Géode
  • Saint-Laurent Apartment

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