We are always on the lookout for new ways in which one can bring freshness to the kids’ bedroom and do so while putting a smile on their face. Few colors provide as refreshing, cheerful and smart visual appeal as yellow when used in a sensible and curated fashion. In the kids’ room, the scope for using yellow increases even further as darker shades and even an overdose of yellow feels perfectly acceptable; even welcome at times! Today, it is the turn of already exciting and effervescent eclectic kids’ rooms to welcome a splash of yellow as we take a look at how to use it in a pleasing and polished manner.

Eclectic kids’ room with yellow accent wall [From: Jours & Nuits]

Yellow eclectic kids’ rooms are full of wonder and joy. They can also vary widely in their overall theme and subtle secondary style as everything from contemporary and minimal trends to midcentury and rustic elements are combined within their confines in a gleeful fashion. Smart, bright and currently in trend, this is your easy guide to adding yellow to eclectic kids’ rooms along with loads of inspiration –

1. Walls in Yellow

The easiest way to add color to any room is paint and in the eclectic kids’ room, yellow walls look absolutely stunning. You obviously need a well-lit room to make sure the room works and we also strongly suggest you stay away from using glossy shades of yellow in an extensive manner. Soft pastel yellows coupled with bright yellow bedding, accessories and décor is the best way forward in the girls’ bedroom. In the teen room and boys’ rooms, turn to chevrons and stripes for a bolder, more vivacious look.

Super-fun eclectic kids’ room in yellow with slide and playroom
Textured walls for the shared girls’ bedroom [From: Inspired Interiors/ OShibiko Photography]
Colorful lighting for the cheerful yellow bedroom [From: Burlock Interiors / Bryan Barger]
Striped walls in yellow for the modern girls’ bedroom

2. A Piece of Sunshine

Do not want to paint the whole room yellow? We understand your hesitation and a yellow accent wall is definitely the next best option for those with color commitment issues. This also gives you greater flexibility with the theme of the room and its redecoration down the line. If you want something even more unique, we suggest the bright yellow ceiling that steals the show in any eclectic kids’ space. This is an idea that is even more apt in nurseries and toddler rooms where kids spend most of the day staring at the ceiling. No more boring white!

Eclectic collection of wall clocks in the kids’ room along with wall murals [From: iDeal Furniture Irvine]
Modern eclectic kids’ room in yellow and blue with a smart wall mural [From: Larry Driskill Homes]
Small and colorful kids’ room with a loads of yellow
Balanced use of white and yellow in the kids’ room [From: Svensk Fastighetsförmedling]
Eclectic bedroom in yellow, black and white still feels polished and refreshing [From: T. Jerulle Construction / Matt Steeves Photography]

3. Drapes, Carpets and More

Not in the mood to alter the walls or the ceiling of the room, but still wish to infuse a healthy dose of yellow? As always, we have drapes, rugs and bedding that come to our rescue. In the eclectic kids’ space you can combine yellow drapes with bright orange, blue or even green rug or bedding to add even more color to the setting. There is a design freedom here that other styles simply cannot provide. But make sure you still have a common element that links these contrasting features. It could be the theme of the room, color combinations used or geometric symmetry; it is still important to find that ‘glue’ which keeps it all together!

Charming kids’ room with plenty of pattern and a rug that brings in yellow [From: Libby Sellick Interior Design]
Drapes with yellow stripes for the small kids’ room [From: Fedorova Ekaterina]
Adding yellow and blue to the eclectic kids’ room in style [From: Silk Plaster]

4. Tiny Accents and a Smart Backdrop

The easiest way of them all and the most fun when it comes to infusing new fresh color into an already eclectic space are tiny accents that come in the form of bedside tables, headboard, accessories, vases and a whole lot more. As a rule, keep the backdrop as neutral as possible to better highlight these little pockets of color. A black and white teen room with yellow accents appears simply stunning when you can also keep it clean and clutter free. Yellow accents also work very well in trendy gray teen bedrooms with edgy black detail.

White kids’ room with yellow, orange and blue accents
Yellow walls and sliding doors for the modern eclectic kids’ room [From: Atelier Beaudoin]
Awesome eclectic kids’ space in black and white with yellow accents [From: Free Space Intent]

5. Colorful Blend that Captures Your Heart!

Pink, orange, blue, green or black – pretty much every color can be combined with curated yellow accents in the eclectic kids’ room. Since your chosen style is eclectic, an infusion of different colors feels completely at home. But do repeat the colors in unison in different parts of the room to give the interior a proper, polished appeal. Yellow as a color in the kids’ room is an absolute winner every single time. The inspirations showcased today only help drive home this truth further!

Tiny kids’ bedroom full of eclectic beauty and yellow and pink pops [From: Yohm]
Delightful boys’ bedroom in yellow with red accents
Light and dark yellow hues coupled with pinks in the kids’ bedroom [From: Courtney B. Smith Design]

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