The world has fallen in love with industrial style once again. The love for polished, sparkling, man-made surfaces has been replaced by a newfound affection for brick walls, metallic finishes and textures walls with all their imperfections. We are once again enjoying life at its flawed best and while Diesel celebrated the Social kitchen concept a couple of years earlier, today we look at their latest bathroom collection that embraces industrial modern beauty. Dubbed Diesel Open Workshop, this gorgeous and exquisite new series crafted for Scavolini is undoubtedly a contemporary masterpiece that grabs your attention in its own, unique understated fashion.

Gorgeous blue tile steals the show here

Each of these bathroom compositions is unique in its own way and allows you to custom create a bathroom that fits into the exact floor plan of your home. You can not only create bespoke creations that work for you, but also pick from a wide range of finishes, tiles and materials that give the bathroom a hint of spunk and color. Classic industrial elements like the dark metallic frames, exposed brick walls and smart textured walls are combined with Scavolini’s custom, space-savvy storage solutions and useful vanity designs and remarkable mirror designs help bring in modern comfort and ease.

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Gorgeous contemporary industrial bathroom in blue and white
New bathrooms from Diesel showcase industrial minimalism at their contemporary best
Stunning use of mirrors, lighting and vanity in the modern industrial bathroom
Textured walls and metallic additions for the modern industrial bathroom
Textured walls are a big part of modern industrial spaces
Touch of copper brilliance adds to the appeal of this bathroom

We also love the way in which each of the compositions looks at its best with a flood of natural light illuminating every corner of the room. A hint of greenery to soften the industrial minimal style and a whole lot of functionality put the final touches on these classy and trendy bathrooms!

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Closer look at the copper patina backsplash and lovely mirrors inside the bathroom
Diesel Open Workshop bathroom decor collection
Diesel Open Workshop composition in neutral hues
Light-filled bathroom in white with modern industrial style
Minimal industrial bathroom in white and gray
Beautiful black and white bathroom composition from Diesel and Scavolini

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