REAL ESTATE: 11 Gretna St, Mansfield

The house at 11 Gretna St, Mansfield, is for sale.

A LIFETIME of memories were created in the two-level home at 11 Gretna St.

When Noela and John Leigh built their Mansfield home 22 years ago, they knew it needed to take advantage of the leafy outlook to Broadwater Park.

“We saw another home that had windows along the front looking into the park, so that was something we wanted,” Mrs Leigh said.

“Almost every room is open, sunny and has a wonderful view.”

REAL ESTATE: 11 Gretna St, Mansfield

Mrs Leigh enjoyed sitting by the fire with a hot chocolate.

Mrs Leigh found her favourite room in the living room facing the park before the build was even completed.

“For me, it’s probably what I call the garden room,” she said.

“When the builders were constructing it, I went and sat on the floor with the woodwork around me.

“Looking out the window, it was drizzling in the park and I fell in love with it.

“Whenever it rains, I love to sit in that room and remember a lifetime of relaxing.”

REAL ESTATE: 11 Gretna St, Mansfield

There are a number of living spaces in the house.

Looking back on the past two decades, Mrs Leigh remembers her three children spending countless hours at the park, whether it was rain, hail or shine.

REAL ESTATE: 11 Gretna St, Mansfield

The view looks over the park.

“When it was flooding, and it was safe, the kids would take their surfboards out and paddle,” she said.

“We had parties on the front apron of the property overlooking the park and the kids would play spotlight at night.”

REAL ESTATE: 11 Gretna St, Mansfield

The kitchen at 11 Gretna St, Mansfield.

Mrs Leigh said her husband jogs and she walks around the park daily, taking in the nature surrounding her.

“I love walking in the park and smelling the wattle in the autumn, the Moreton Bay figs when they flower and the eucalyptus.

“This is a place where you experience all the seasons, and because of that you participate in the seasons.”

REAL ESTATE: 11 Gretna St, Mansfield

The bedrooms are large.

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