The garden for our home is an afterthought on most occasions. It is a feature that often complements the design of the house but is not the defining feature that sets it apart. Not in the case of the MeMo House in San Isidro, Argentina designed by BAM! Arquitectura though. This gorgeous contemporary home in concrete embraces greenery at every turn with a vertical garden that slopes its way across three different levels and offers eco-friendly goodness along with refreshing aesthetics. While concrete and a neutral color scheme shape the interior of the house, on the outside, it is the visual of the sloped green garden and the spacious rear deck that steal the show.

System of green ramps connects different levels of the house and adds ample greenery

The sloping garden morphs into a full-fledged rooftop garden when it hits the top floor while the rear garden contains the pool, deck and the fire pit along with other smart features. On the ground floor, the garden meets the living room with sliding glass doors acting as an interface between the interior and the exterior. Solar panels on the rooftop provide green energy to the house and power both its heating and lighting needs even as additional green features give the house a high LEED rating.

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Living room of the house in white and wood with plenty of natural light flowing in
Modern rear facade of the house opens up into the garden
Multi-level garden across the house adds eco-friendly appeal to the setting
Rear garden, pool and deck along with a firepit
Sloped gardens also become a part of the visual indoors
Unassuming and modern street facade of the house in concrete

The upper level contains the master bedroom and bathrooms with white and concrete along with an accent wooden wall making a smart statement. Rainwater irrigation systems and passive cooling and heating techniques complete a home that is modern, planet-friendly and unique. [Photography: Jeremias Thomas]

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View from above of the eco-friendly and sustainable home in Beunos Aires
Wood and concrete kitchen and dining area of the MeMo House
Concrete ceiling brings textural beauty to the living room in white and wood
Concrete staircase next to the green ramps spread across the house
Concrete staircase with steel railing leads to the top level

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