Homeowners Sunil and Shalizeh “Shelly” Patel weren’t totally sure how to select shades and draperies for their Houston remodel, completed by StudioMET Architects. A visit to The Shade Store eventually helped the couple identify unexpected options in a mix of modern styles.

“Our main goal was to have shades that were very functional but essentially disappear when open,” recalls Sunil. “Our design consultant at The Shade Store created beautiful solutions that we wouldn’t have been able to select or identify on our own.” 

Photo by Gieves Anderson

Throughout the home, expansive windows and doors frame large oaks in the backyard but also expose interior spaces to hot summer days. To complement the architectural features and provide appropriate sun protection, the final shades and draperies combine clean, modern aesthetics with the functional needs of different spaces. 

Ian Gibbs, cofounder and chief creative officer of The Shade Store, describes the living and dining room: “By layering a motorized roller shade in our textured Chilewich Bamboo material with Sunbrella Neblina drapery, you preserve the clean lines of the architecture while also adding dimension and softness to the space.” In each room, different styles were selected to match privacy needs with the intended use. “The exercise room features our double roller, a unique product that alternates between transparent and opaque bands, so you can adjust the privacy and light that comes into a space as you raise and lower the product,” continues Gibbs. 

Photo by Gieves Anderson

The Shade Store offers a variety of custom window treatments for any type of space— be it modern, traditional, or somewhere in between—with over 1,300 different material options for shades, blinds, and drapery. Experienced professionals in the company’s more than 70 showrooms nationwide will simplify the process, helping you find the perfect combination for your home’s style and needs. 

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