Stepping into the complex and often confusing world of cars can be disorienting for anyone new to the domain. It is an experience that leaves you overwhelmed with choices and you often the choices can be difficult indeed. But NIO – an electric car brand in Beijing that seems to produces cars with a futuristic look, makes the process much more pleasant and elegant with their new use center in the city. Dubbed the NIO House, this fabulous electric car center sweeps you off your feet even while creating interiors that feel exquisite, inviting and personal. And at the heart of it all is a stunning spiral staircase full of glam and glitter!

Lower level with its sweeping spaces and a backdrop in white and blue

Designed by AIM Architecture, NIO believes that buying a car is much more than just about the joy of owning something new. One must feel like joining a community; a larger group that shares your passion and way of life. This is reflected in the design of the house with warm tactile materials finding space next to bright aluminum surfaces and smart finishes in blue and shades of green. Obviously, it is the electric cars on display that are the focal point on each level while a spacious and serene environment with a touch of greenery helps immensely as well. A perfect place to check out the NIO experience! [From: Dirk Weiblen]

Spellbinding cylindrical staircase inside the house is a showstopper
New NIO House in Beijing is a place to discover your love for electric cars!
Explore the magical world of electric cars and future technology at the new NIO House
Stunning cylindrical staircase leads to the second level
Warm tactile materials are combined with glossy aluminum finishes
Whimsical and wonderful spaces inside the center make it a delight to walk into

While so much of the car world is about engineering and action orientated design, NIO’S culture is warm, people centered, and bright. This duality is what we highlighted through physical elements in the design. A welcoming open kitchen, living room areas, meeting rooms, and a library all fit around an open forum space where travel talks and lectures can be given.

Ultra-modern car gallery takes you into a home with a difference
Various shades of blue and green create a mesmerizing interior
Spaces inside the NIO House are anything but mundane with a futuristic appeal
Street facade of NIO House in Beijing
Twin level of the NIO House in Beijing
Second Floor plan of NIO House in Beijing
First floor plan of the modern consumer center of NIO in Beijing

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