How to Turn a Storage Basket into a Chic Focal Point

If you’ve noticed a basket revival in the last few years, you’re in tune with one of today’s top trends. The necessity of a storage basket (or 10) is ongoing, but how about purchasing an item such as a seagrass belly basket purely as a decorative accessory?! Anything goes when the baskets are this good! Today we showcase a series of interiors that treat baskets as the main event. Get ready to be inspired… [image below from The Little Market]

Use a Chic Storage Basket!

The best way to let your storage basket take center stage: be sure the storage basket is worthy of its spotlight. That’s an easy one these days, especially since color-blocked, tasseled and pom-pommed storage baskets are all the rage. [low basket below from Beklina]

When it comes to pom poms and tassels, these embellishments can take on different looks depending on the color combination. We’re a fan of unexpected or striking pairings, such as the vibrant pink and peach above, or the more subtle blush and natural tones below: [basket from Xinh & Co.]

An ombre effect using various shades from the same color family is also an excellent choice. This basket from Tigertree features the colors of the ocean:

Pom poms definitely aren’t the only way to go. Check out online marketplaces such as Baba Souk and The Little Market for baskets. We have a hunch you’ll be impressed with their selection! Note the chic silver tone of this painted belly basket from Baba Souk:

Or go small with a super-colorful woven statement! Need a kid-friendly yet style basket to wrangle toys? This lovely woven bowl from The Little Market is a true focal point in the nursery tour featured below (see more at A Beautiful Mess):

Woven baskets are the perfect storage option for kids’ rooms, as shown by this pink round basket from The Little Market:

Remember: even small baskets can provide valuable function by containing a range of items. Thanks to unique selections like this cherry-toned basket from The Little Market, compact pieces can make a big impact!

When it comes to interesting baskets for every room of the house, the possibilities are endless. Let’s now take a look at how to use them to your advantage at home!

Less Is More

When making a basket the focal point of your interior, you can go with a minimalist approach. In other words, rather than featuring a shelf of baskets, opt for one large basket in a key location. In this home tour of Kip & Co.’s Hayley Pannekoecke, we see a black belly basket take center stage in a beautifully designed powder room:

In the same home tour (featured at Camille Styles), a basket on the counter and a basket on the floor are major style components that also provide function.

We now turn our attention to baskets of The Little Market, where each purchase supports organizations such as the Wolof Weavers of Senegal. This Rose Herringbone Basket is a true statement piece for the powder room counter below:

In fact, powder rooms are a great place to highlight earthy woven baskets, such as this sea foam selection, also from The Little Market:

In a Row

If you have a lot to organize and store, don’t hesitate to purchase a series pf baskets! By opting for similar designs (or multiples of the same basket at times), you can pack a lot in without a cluttered look resulting. The powder room of A Beautiful Mess founder/blogger Elsie showcases a row of earthy baskets that keep clutter at bay while making a style statement:

This row of whimsical baskets from The Little Market features hand-woven treasures crafted from cattail stalks and recycled plastic. The woven design’s variation in color adds interest, yet the overall look is tidy and cohesive:

Just remember: it’s not only which basket you choose…it’s how you fill it! Happy designing, and thanks for reading! [image from The Little Market]

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