Nutrisa: Tantalizing Lucid Design Wrapped in Neo-Mexican Goodness

If you love a touch of design oddity coupled with delightful and natural ice cream and yogurt, then the new Nutrisa outlet in Mexico is something you will surely enjoy. In need of a makeover that extended beyond the interior, the store gets a facelift that combine sold Mexican charm with modernity that is anchored in minimalism. Surprisingly it is Mayan motifs and Mexican bee with its striped pattern that inspire the revitalized space! Designed by Cadena + Asociados Concept Design, light green and yellow stripes with geometric patterns now greet you at the Nutrisa store.

Revamped contemporary interior of Nutrisa

Cheerful and bright, the store in white feels welcoming and the pops of color make it a fun place to hangout and taste all the latest treats from Nutrisa. History, modernity and cultural past of Mexico find space next to one another here as neo-Mexican style takes over. Even and bright ambient lighting in white throughout the store make it even more attractive and you are pleasantly surprised by the unassuming sophistication of it all. [Photography: The Raws]

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White along with light hues makes an impact inside the ice cream shop
Breezy and cheerful makeover of natural ice cream store in Mexico
Even the bar stools bring pops of color to the interior
Light yellow and green stripes with Mayan motifs shape the interior
Mayan inspired motifs give the space a sense of heritage and history
Natural ice-cram parlour in Mexico with colorful, striped interior
New interior of the ice cream parlor has a relaxing ambiance

Re-defining the product as a natural ice-cream parlor enriched by quality and delicious products that make your life better, became the core of the project : Natural indulgence! Now, the brand will not only be successful, their mission statement will be to be promoters of wellness, conservation, quality and flavor and their basic goal… Create Smiles!

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Refined pattern enlivens the white interior
Revitalized store interior of Nutrisa
Floor plan of the new Nutrisa store

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