oru kayak crafts origami-inspired folding two-seated kayak: the haven

oru kayak – the makers behind the original origami-inspired kayak that folds from box to boat in five minutes – has created a convertible two-seated edition called the haven. as their largest and most stable design yet, the tandem kayak can be enjoyed with a buddy and a furry friend. it takes approximately 10 minutes to assemble, and can be quickly and easily converted to single-person occupancy.

all images courtesy of oru kayaks

we created the first ever two-seated, tandem origami kayak,‘ oru chief designer and company co-founder, anton willis, explains to designboom.designed with families in mind, this boat is simple and intuitive to set up, and is easily converted into a single-seater. with an additional four feet of length and a five-inch wider cockpit compared to oru’s beach LT product, the haven is 57% larger fully assembled, but still folds up into an easily transportable box merely 46% larger than the beach LT’s box. it’s stable enough to keep the kids safe and equipped with a universal rail platform to accommodate a variety of accessories.

oru believes that connecting to nature is a deep human need, and they strive to make the outdoors more accessible for all people through kayaking,willis continues to tell designboom.with the option of bringing a second person aboard, oru is opening the doors to nature for kids and people unable to carry a kayak. people who are uncomfortable navigating a kayak solo now have the ability to kayak in tandem with a more experienced paddler, all through the ease of transporting a single suitcase-sized pack to a body of water. the overall accessibility for all people to get on water is literally doubled thanks to the haven. for more ambitious adventurers on multi-day adventures, customers now have the freedom to have one person carry a kayak on her back while another person carries overnight gear.

like their previous innovations, oru kayak’s haven is once more a space-saving solution for adventurers. going from box to boat in 10 minutes is easy to set up thanks to an intuitive system of folding patterns and color-coded marks. furthermore, once assembled, the watercraft is equipped with a proprietary and patent-pending universal rail system that runs along the top of the sidewalls. this is compatible with a wide variety of accessories, meaning kayakers can attach cup holders to keep them refreshed, fishing equipment for even more fun on the water, and cameras to film throughout the adventures.

the oru kayak haven is sure to be snapped up as quickly as it takes to assemble; check out their indiegogo campaign from september 18 here.