A lot goes into the perfect design of a small home. In the urban environment where space is even more precious, one needs to combine the right decorating style with space-savvy solutions and a smart color palette for the ideal result. Designed by TOKI HOME, this vibrant and beautiful apartment in Vietnam was crafted to meet the demands of a mother and her young son. One can instantly notice the way in which color has been used to provide cheerful brightness and inviting aura to the space even while keeping visual fragmentation down to a bare minimum.

Unique brick wall backdrop and wooden floor for the living room

The idea was to shape an apartment that felt a lot larger than it really is without going overboard on the ‘space-conscious’ stuff. The result is a delightful color scheme that uses yellow, blue and white with great balance and efficiency. It is this trio that defines the apartment and gives it a unique personality while wooden shelves, smart tiles in the kitchen and elevated floors help in delineating space without the necessity of visual barriers. Another reason why the apartment feels so very refreshing is the wonderful way in which natural light has been combined with artificial illumination to create the best of both worlds.

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View of the city from the living room in blue and yellow
Yellow, blue and white apartment in Vietnam
Blue and white bedroom with pops of yellow is cheerful and trendy
Blue and white boys’ bedroom with yellow accents
Finding space in the boys’ bedroom
Green wall behind the couch in the living room

The living area with its bold yellow couch is a showstopper in its own unique way while the kitchen places efficiency and nifty organization ahead of visual overtones. Clean contemporary lines and plenty of indoor greenery put the final touches on an apartment that instantly puts a smile on anyone who steps inside! [Photography: Kingkien Photography]

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Smart shelving for the dining area is both fun and practical
Space-savvy and stylish kitchen with white cabinets and tiled backsplash
Shelving in the bedroom to tuck away toys and more

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