One thing that is an absolute premium in the urban landscape and in most homes across the globe is space. We are looking to find that additional nook of space in our own home all the time and every time we find ways to maximize space, our needs seem to outgrow the available room. But that does not stop us from sharing inspiration with our readers on how they can try to create a more efficient home where every inch has been maximized. Today, we move towards the laundry room and explore the many ways in which you can add a small laundry room to your home with ease.

Coastal and cottage styles rolled into one in the tiny laundry with a splash of coral [From: Kroiss Development]

A space-savvy and stylish small laundry room does not demand too much in terms of square footage. The washer and dryer units can sit next to one another while all the other features in the room depend on your specific needs. A smart laundry room is one that makes your daily life easy and does not turn laundry day into a taxing affair. This is a look at 20 best small laundry rooms around –

Finding a Niche in Your Home

You need not always find an exclusive room for the laundry. The best way to create additional room for the laundry in the kitchen, hallway or any place else is by putting it in a small niche that would have been otherwise neglected. Many of these corners are generally left unused or you tend to find an indoor plant or large floor vase gracing this spot. But you can add functionality to this little nook by using custom units that hold both the washer and the dryer. Everything else in these tight little spots is an extra that you can eek out by maximizing vertical space.

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Laundry next to the rear entry saves space by maximizing the corridor next to it
Make the most of unused small corner in the bathroom and turn it into laundry [From: Alex Tihonov]
Roll-out shelves, folding and ironing zones and space-savvy laundry space – this room has it all
Skylight, slanting roof and natural woodsy finishes give a new life to the laundry in white [From: NK Living]
Turning the spare kitchen cabinet in the kitchen into your laundry on a budget [From: Emilie Fournet Interiors]
Corner laundry design with smart wooden shelves that offer ample shelf space [From: Anna Pavlovskaya Interiors]
Finding a small niche for the laundry in the modern industrial home [From: Haven Builders]

Color and Contrast

The theory behind color palettes in most tiny rooms and spaces is to keep them down to a bare minimum. And most often this is a theory that makes plenty of sense. But this does not mean you should completely stay away from color in the small laundry room. Bright pops of color in here can be brought in by the washer and dryer units themselves. Think beyond white and gray and pops of dark blue coupled with white can create a cool blend of modern and beach styles. Dark greens, bright reds and pretty pinks also have a place in the tiny laundry – as long as you do not put them all in together at the same time!

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Custom wallpaper with coastal vibe for the small laundry room [From: Blakely Interior Design]
Elegant and space-savvy laundry in deep navy blue and white with modern and coastal styles rolled into one [From: Outpost London]
Elegant and space-savvy laundry in deep navy blue and white with modern and coastal styles rolled into one [From: Outpost London]
Touch of dark green brings brightness to the small laundry in white [From: marcusse construction]
Bluish-gray laundry room idea with white shaping the backdrop [From: Roundhouse]
Combining the home office and laundry into one [From: Rosa Dest Interiors]

Combine Form with Functionality

Once you have sorted the ergonomics of your small laundry space, it is time to turn focus towards aesthetics and look beyond just color. Wallpaper in small spaces is a trend that is catching on across the globe and you can dip into this and give the laundry niche an identity of its own. An accent wall with color and textural contrast also goes a long in way in giving the laundry area an identity of its own. Laundry bags on wheels, ironing boards, sleek wooden shelves for all your laundry and additional storage baskets should help put the final touches on a gorgeous space that will serve you well for years to come.

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Contemporary home laundry and kitchen save space while creating smart functionality [From: The Renovation Broker]
Dark backdrop for the small laundry with plenty of space-savvy features
Using the skylight to bring light into the small modern laundry room [From: Lewis Alderson & Co]
White and light blue laundry room with ample space and natural light [From: burlanes interiors]
Beautiful Scandinavian style laundry room with white and wood color scheme [From: kinoto]
Clean and crisp monochromatic laundry in white with smart lighting

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